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'The 100' season 2: Octavia and the Grounders

"The 100" was a huge success and it definitely had some tough competition with other television shows in its same time slot. Fans were excited that it was renewed for another season and want to know what will happen next. Actress Marie Avgeropoulos has some details on the Grounders and her character, Octavia, according to Zap2It on Aug. 7.

Marie Avgeropoulos plays Octavia in "The 100"
Photo by Mike Windle

When "The 100" season 2 airs, fans will see that Octavia is becoming a Grounder, even though they don't speak English. At some point she will have to do some negotiating. She will have to let them know what she is thinking and that she is peaceful. Marie teased that it may or may not be in English.

In regards to the Grounders language, it was created just for the show. It is much more direct and straight to the point. Avgeropoulos said that the reason is because they were left behind for 97 years. They went through the apocalypse and the time that has passed has caused their speech to evolve and transform.

As for her interaction with the rest of her group, don't look forward to too much of it. She has to be independent now because she is separated from them. From the 100's point of view, her loyalty has been compromised. They don't realize that Lincoln saved her life and the Grounders are not as bad as everything thinks they are. However, the Grounders are attacking them and Lincoln is on their side, which makes things complicated. Because Octavia is transforming, she will continue to explore the Grounders. One hint is that Marie is currently sword training.

The bond between Lincoln and Octavia is interesting. She can relate to him because she was imprisoned just for being born. In the same sense, Lincoln was being punished for saving her, which the 100's didn't realize. Marie said that their bond could be much deeper because they are making huge sacrifices for each other.

Are you looking forward to seeing what happens when "The 100" season 2 airs? The premiere has been scheduled for Oct. 22 on the CW.

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