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'The 100' season 1, episode 10: A deadly Grounder virus

Eliza Taylor stars as Clarke in "The 100"
Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

"The 100" has been a hit and with the first season nearly over, viewers are wondering what will happen next. It turns out that there will be a deadly virus. On May 17, Zap2It posted a sneak peek clip of "The 100" episode 10 and the virus looks like a nasty one.

Bellamy and Clarke kicked Murphy out of the camp, but fans can expect his return on next Wednesday's episode, titled "I Am Become Death." He will return bloody, looking like he was beaten badly. Not only that, but he will be infected with a deadly Grounder virus.

According to the sneak peek, Murphy was not welcomed back with open arms, but was caught trying to sneak in. Bellamy goes to talk to him and Murphy tells him he was running from the Grounders. Then he is asked what he told them and the teen admits that he told them everything about "The 100" characters.

The virus seems to be quite contagious because Clarke starts bleeding from her eyes. Then it is revealed that many others in the camp also have bleeding eyes. There is mention of a fever and as the virus goes through their bodies, they start to resemble monsters. They almost look like burnt zombies and are definitely scary looking.

Later in the sneak peek of "The 100" season 1, episode 10, Clarke isn't bleeding from the eyes but ends up passing out. Bellamy believes that the Grounders sent the virus to them. Not growing up on planet Earth has caused their immune systems to be different. While the Grounders have probably built up an immunity to certain things or know how to heal certain illnesses, "The 100" don't. Since the virus is said to be deadly, how many in the camp will die? Will fans see any favorite characters go?

The sneak peek also shows the teens in the camp lifting up their weapons, prepared to fire. Their enemies are seen lurking around, trying to walk quietly and slowly around the trees. There has to be some survivors in the camp because the show was just renewed for a second season. Will the war between "The 100" and the Grounders continue in the episodes to come or will it finally end?

Other symptoms of the virus seem to be coughing up blood, blurred vision and there may be hallucinations. However, it is hard to tell if they are really seeing what they think they are or not. In addition to Clarke being infected, the sneak peek also reveals that Bellamy has also contracted the virus.

The next episode of "The 100" will air on the CW on May 21. What do you think of the sneak peek of the episode titled "I Am Become Death?" Who do you think will survive and which characters do you predict will die?

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