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The 100 continues to fight a war

The 100 cast members
The 100 cast members
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

This past week’s episode of The 100 ends with a bang. A drop ship launches, possibly killing all of those still aboard the arc, as well as all those who decided to steal the drop ship. When they launched the ship, they were still attached to all the arc systems including power. This means that when it launched it left the arc in the dark. Those who survive may freeze to death if they cannot fix the electrical issues fast.
Meanwhile, the people who stole the drop ship messed up. Not only did they steal it and take a chance of killing everyone else on the arc, but apparently they didn’t prepare very much for their trip. Seems they forgot to make sure they had at least one person who could control the ship. As Clarke and Bellamy return to camp they watch the drop ship come into the atmosphere. Clarke mentions its going too fast, then the fact that there is no parachute. And within a few moments the ship goes down too fast and they see from a distance a flash and a small mushroom cloud of fire where the ship crashed.
The question now is if viewers will get to learn the fate of the drop ship in next week’s episode. Clarke and Fin tried to form an alliance with the grounders. The meeting didn’t go too well, and the war between them continues. They see every act the humans are making as acts of war. Clarke says she understands their point but wants it to change. That’s when her backup spots grounders in the trees aiming at Clarke. Another fight breaks out, and there goes all chances of an alliance.
Clarke, Bellamy, and the others cannot travel to the drop ship to check for survivors. Leaving their camp site after what happened at the alliance meeting would not be smart. So viewers wait to see what the fate of those on the arc, those from the drop ship, and those on the ground will be. Previews warn of a virus sent from the grounders through Murphy. Tune in next week for more.