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The 100 contact the arc

The 100 Octavia, Bellamy, Clarke
The 100 Octavia, Bellamy, Clarke
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Since the beginning of The 100, we have waited for them to be able to reach the arc by radio. This week The 100 get in contact with the arc. Not only did that help them save Fin’s life, but the people of the arc now know that The 100 have survived.
Only a few days after the council of the arc decides to kill over three hundred people to conserve oxygen, they get communication from the people sent to earth. It seems strange to continue to refer to them as The 100, when clearly there are many less than that now. The writers have never held back on killing people off.
After they torcher the grounder Bellamy caught, and after Clarke saves Fin, Clarke and her mother have a conversation alone. Clarke tells her mother that she knows her mother turned her father in. She tells her mother that Wells let Clarke believe it was he who turned her father in, but it was her mother all along. Clarke will probably never forgive her mother. It was a tearful moment. Clarke finally had her friend back when Well told her the truth, but then he was taken from her.
Later on the arc, the council tells the people the truth. They tell the arc about The 100 sent to earth, and the plan to send more, as well as the fact that earth is survivable. The people on the arc are mad that this was found out just after they decided to kill over three hundred people, but honestly didn’t know earth was survivable until then.
They add a returning council member to the board. When they do they discuss the problem with earth. They will return to earth, but not all of them. There are 2,237 people on the arc. There are only enough drop ships for 700. The chancellor says, “We are the Titanic, and there aren’t enough life boats.”
Next week’s trailers tease about issues on earth, but there are no clues as to what comes next for the people of the arc. Only time will tell. What is to come of the thousands left on the arc?

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