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The 100, Bellamy and Octavia

Octavia and Bellamy
Octavia and Bellamy
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The episode opens with a flash back on young Bellamy and his mother. How did such a strong kid turn into such a strange adult? So hiding his sister under the floorboards must have done something to him psychologically. Though, on the bright side he is a very good big brother. He wants to protect his sister at all costs, maybe a bit too much at times.
During the last episode Octavia fell down a hill and hurt her leg. A Grounder took her. Bellamy just now noticed that she was missing. He forms a small search party. Jasper leaves knowing that she is the reason he is alive. He is also sure that the same people that took him might have taken Octavia. The people, if you want to call them that are called grounders. They look similar to humans, but are not the same as what was left behind on earth all those years ago.
The flashbacks continue and we finally get to see into the lives of Bellamy and Octavia. Bellamy searches for his sister who has been healed by the grounders. She escapes the cave they had her in, but while Bellamy continues to search one of the men with his gets mysteriously murdered by a grounder. They shouldn’t have crossed the boundary. As they continue to run from one of the grounders they realize they have chased them into an area filled with traps. Another of the men with Bellamy dies. Octavia was almost rescued, but the grounder caught her.
Another flashback, there is a mascaraed and Bellamy let Octavia out for a quick few minutes while their mother was out. It is her first walk in the arc. She had never left their room before that moment. The awkward social contact brings some comedic relief to the episode. Then, of course, they start showing how the arc discovered Octavia. It was Bellamy’s fault she was discovered, that is why he works so hard to protect her every day.
Then there is the moment when you realize there are more than just grounders on earth. There is another creature, it looks more human and it helps Octavia and saves her from the grounders. But, once it brings her back to his cave she ties her up so she cannot escape again.
Bellamy and the others are getting closer, but then the horn sounds and they remember the last time the poison fog rolled in. There is no time for them to seek shelter either; good thing Fin has a tent. Apparently it was a false alarm. Right after, they find Octavia. In the process Fin gets hurt and it’s unsure if they can save him.

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