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The 10 latest food trends for restaurants in 2014

When it comes down to rounding up all the latest and craziest food trends for restaurants in 2014, well, you have quite a lot in store for you. Here are 10 of the latest food trends for restaurants in 2014.

Let's eat cronuts for dessert!
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images
  1. Hot Comfort Treats
    You may begin spotting exclusive peanut butter and jelly sandwiches taking over some fast food joints. In 2014, cooks will be reverting back to youthful favorites and creating high-end versions of classic relaxation foods. Think bacon-leek marmalade poached eggs.
  1. Hybrid Heaven
    Chefs are unexpectedly changing into mad scientists and whipping up some not-so-scary kitchen hybrids. We have already seen the fame of the cronut in 2013, but trends predict more soufflé and brioche hybrids, ramen burgers, and even dessert pizzas with Nutella.
  1. We All Scream For Ice Cream (Sandwiches)!
    Doughnuts and cupcakes will not be as prevalent going into 2014. Trend chasers are expecting ice cream sandwiches to get all the consideration, and hey, we are definitely not complaining.
  1. Play Your Chips Right
    We will not be seeing that many chips and dip plates, but we can expect choices like beef tender crisps or fried potatoes.
  1. Old Is New Again
    “Old" is coming back in style. We are speaking about the reappearance of fermenting, pickling, and homemade bread, so your grandparents should feel right at home in the kitchen.
  1. Ice Ice Baby
    Ice is not just for chilling anymore. Bars will be more likely to infuse their ice cubes with herbs and other ingredients for concoctions.
  1. Veg Out!
    Anticipate more veggies and vegetarian options sneaking into your beloved traditional meals and desserts. For example, some eateries in New York are experimenting with chocolate and eggplant. Hmm. This sounds like an odd combination, yet interesting at the same time.
  1. Not Your Parents' BBQ
    Next time you want some slow roasted barbecue ribs, you will not have to wait around until the summer. Cooks are taking back classic barbecuing methods and adding them to restaurant menus.
  1. Frozen Booze
    Yes. You read this right. In 2014, chefs will be experimenting with solid cocktails, or as we like to call them, heat wave doctors.
  1. Tea Time
    If you are watching for ways to cut back on your booze intake in 2014, this is the perfect drink for you. Tea, both cold and hot, will be just as popular as alcoholic beverages.
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