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The # 1 mistake parents make

Children can spend a life time in pain learning the agonizing lessons of acquiring more self-love. Often times their parents suffered from the exact same fate. Why not teach self-love in advance to prevent the painful lessons that accompany a lack of self-love! This would prevent your child from suffering from abusive relationships. She would not spend decades to learn this vital lesson. Nor would her children model the same destructive behavior.

Many children grow up in dysfunctional families and have no idea what it would look like to love themselves. Their dysfunctional role models are displaying just the opposite. In addition, there would be a lot less people admitted to rehabs and suffering in painful relationships. Nor would we be the most over medicated country in the world, in terms of psychiatric medications.

Chances are greater than not that this topic would never be added to our public schools curriculum. A good strategy would be to start discussing it with your child. A parent could design a course on self-love for their child. I have listed a few ideas below.

The world is currently suffering from a lack of self-love. This should be the most important topic taught in our schools today. Instead, they have electives like sewing, pottery classes, shop, wood working and home economic classes, etc. None of these will help your child prepare for the future like educating them on what it looks like when one has self-love.

We have a billion dollar prison industry, and an epidemic of substance abuse addictions. We have seen billions going to fight the War on Drugs in the last 25 years. Nevertheless, our schools our filled with increasing amounts of heroin, cocaine, meth, crack, and marijuana. Obviously, someone is either not doing their job, or politicians are just pocketing the money. A more creative approach is needed to stop this drug epidemic.

Since the War on Drugs is not working very well, perhaps we should use that money to design programs to teach our youth what it looks like to possess more self-love. If we were to do this at a young age and make it part of a school’s curriculum every year then there would be a lot less suffering in the U.S. Children would be informed from a young age, that a person with self-love does not damage their body.

Unfortunately, our society only seems to respect money and it is devastating our world. Self-love should be at the top of the list. Money is nice, but in the absence of self-love it will never bring happiness.

Don’t wait for the Government to figure it out!

There is too much money to be made in the private billion dollar prison industry.The pharmaceutical company’s kickbacks to politicians would not like it either.

Protect your child in advance!
Teach them self-love!

Self-love is when:

1) You do not abuse your body with alcohol or drugs
2) You do not give more than you receive in relationships
3) You keep your medical appointments and practice prevention
4) You take time to self-reflect and follow inner-guidance
5) You are the only one responsible and accountable for your feelings and emotions
6) You have daily habits of eating healthy and exercising
7) You have appropriate boundaries in relationships
8) You do not worry what others think of you
9) You do not stay in a job you hate but follow your heart’s passion
10) You question things and trust your gut instinct when needed
11) You work on achieving balance in life from finances to spirituality to health to career to family
12) You do what you say you are going to do
13) You do not live in fear which is the opposite of love
14) You do not associate with others who do not show respect
15) You are fine being alone
16) You ask questions and do not just assume a person with more education knows what is better than you
17) You follow and complete your own dreams and goals
18) You have no problem saying no when you want to
19) You value your time and your energy
20) You are free and not worried about being judged
21) You love and accept your body just the way it is
22) You do not compare yourself to others
23) You are not promiscuous and take precautions guarding your health
24) You do not look for acceptance outside of yourself
25) You are in control of your emotions
26) Affirm daily out loud, “I love and respect myself” and “I have extreme value”.

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