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Thats What I Think 09-01-2014

Greetings again my friends from the, Browns won't play for another week so today hasn't been a total disaster, corner of the world. Even though I swore this season I wouldn't do it, I've managed to get myself involved in not one but 4 fantasy football leagues so that means I have really increased my chances of having an ulcer by the end of the NFL season. Glutton for punishment. ....but I do love it so. Another thing I love is to share knowledge so "Let Us Share Shall We"...

We all do it. About Wednesday we sit around and think, "Man, There Is Nothing To Do". I think its the whole work week is halfway over and the weekend is still so far away and I'm bored syndrome. Well kids, your prayers have been answered. This Wednesday, GROAMYS is presenting a mid week boredom buster. Everybody's favorite Missouri band The Hooten Hallers are coming back to Lima for two special mid week shows. First one is at GROAMYS, with the show starting at 4 with Greg Ryan and at 5 The Hooten Hallers hit the stage at 1206 W Robb. How cool is that?But wait it just gets better. The area's only ROCK Club, The Avalon in downtown Lima are bringing The Hooten Hallers to their stage along with special guests Zach Laffin Band. ON A WEDNESDAY! !! A WEDNESDAY! ! Can't wait to hear the "downtown" folks b**ch about this. ...Be there or be bored. Your choice. ..

Depending on what you read or who you talk to, this event is either called "FANTABULOUS FALL FIESTA" or "MULLIGAN'S SEPTEMBER SOCIAL".. either way its a show on Saturday September 6 that you do not want to miss. Coming to the downtown Lima, specifically 134 W High Street for you GPS inclined folks, is Wicked Mourning. This is going to rock. Get there early to score a seat cause its gonna be packed.
AND don't forget on Thursday, its where all the cool kids go for open mic night. Yep real instruments and everything. Hosted by the always congenial and talented Kat and Geoff, its a cool place if you sing and play even if you'venever played or sang in front of anyone but your mirror. Open mic night Thursday at 9..Mulligan's.

Let me climb up on my soapbox one more time if you don't mind. Just because the Rally In The Square is over for the year does not mean we should abandon beautiful downtown Lima on Friday night. Or just because its getting just a little chilly does that mean to avoid any of the really cool outbacks and patios many owners of our favorite establishments have built. Take my word for it, there is nothing like spending the night listening to music under the stars with your significant other...So basically what I'm saying is just because the calender says September doesn't mean its time to hibernate.

Also before I bail, CONGRATS to the musical dynamic duo, Kat and Geoff.... ( Here Comes The Bride... and all that). Wishing You many years of happiness and may never a day occur where you are out of tune.
That's it.remember we can all support the local music community just go to something somewhere. At least that's what I think.

As always
If ya dig it do it
If ya really dig it
Do it twice

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