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That's What I Think 08-24-2014

Greetings again my friends from my, its 85 degrees, humidity is 85% and the best index is 95 so that must mean schools are back in session, corner of the world. What the #### is going on with this weather. We haven't seen 90 all summer long and now a weeks before HS & College football kick-off the summer temperature goddess finally comes to town! Trust me not complaining about the heat but man the humidity is a killer. I like to sweat like the next guy buy I'd much rather do it while enjoying myself and not taking the trash to the dumpster. Its all good though. I promised after last winter I wouldn't bitch about the weather sooooo zipped lips.....

Don't forget starting the weekend off early is the Open Mic Night Thursday night at Mulligan's on High in downtown Lima. Open Mic Night is hosted by the dynamic duo of Kat and Geoff and is always a musically fun filled night with all sorts of local musicians hitting the stage. Some are members of other bands who just get together and jam a few tunes just for the fun off it and every Open Mic Night always brings out the "gems" of the local music community that have never been on stage. Even more reason to stop up. Another one is no cover. Meet ya there. I'll save you a seat.

Also coming up this Labor Day 2014 weekend is a return performance of the always fun "Never Again" band at Moe's Dug Out 717 N Jackson (for you GPS addicts) just on the fringe of downtown Lima. Its always a flat out, rockin good time party with the boys from "Never Again" & with this being a holiday weekend and all and they haven't played Moe's for awhile I'm sure they will ratchet up the party level even more. Its an early gig 7-11... come on over. .its gonna be fun. ..

Before I exit stage left for this week there is just a tad bit of "bidness" I need to take care. For the benefit of those who have not heard, the local music community is losing a big partner. In spite of all the blood, sweat and tears, GILBERT'S Music is closing its doors in about 10 days. Before everybody goes off the deep end and panics, here are a few facts that should clear up a few questions and rumors. In spite of GILBERT'S closing, the live shows WILL continue! The stage is going nowhere. Minor Blues WILL STILL have a place to practice. Once again THE STAGE IS GOING NOWHERE! Roger will still be available for repairs, etc. Strings and some accessories will still be available. The lessons will continue. And yes someone is taking over the space, with only a difference branch of the music may have heard of him. ...GROAMYS will be moving the few inches next door to expand and be able to properly merchandise all he has to offer..Feel better now??????
On another note, I'm sad to see another local owned business not reach its potential. GILBERT'S Music didn't fail the local community, the local community failed GILBERT'S Music. In my opinion another case of giving people what they say they want yet once they get it they don't support it the way they should. Kudos to Gilbert and all involved with GILBERT'S Music for giving it all they had and more and best of luck in all future endeavors. By the way, any opinion expressed in this column are clearly only mine and may or may not be endorsed by The Entertainer (just covering all bases kids).

That's it for now. Remember we can all support the local music community just go to something somewhere. At least that's what I think.
As always
If ya dig it do it
If ya really dig it
Do it twice

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