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That's What I Think 07-28-2014

Greetings again my friends from my, convinced there must be some time shift thing going on because the weekend and July cannot. ..I repeat CANNOT be almost over, part of the world. Where has the time gone? Its not like its been unbearable hot and we have spent the summer in our air conditioned cocoon, it has just flown by. We start August this weekend! !
So either time flies when are having fun or time flies when you get older. .I'm going with the "fun" excuse... And I'm sticking to that. There are some awesome things to talk about so let's get to it..

Let's hit on the biggest event of the weekend. ..LIMA you may remember the first weekend in August was traditionally reserved for Square Fair. This year they have decided to do something different. Friday night will kick all the festivities with Rally In The Square and hitting the stage this weekend will be The Conspiracy Band... Now that should get You warmed up for Saturday. . And there is just so much going on, I don't have near enough room to cover it all but I'll hit some high points.

Starting at 2 on the Main Stage is the Lima Garage Band All Star Challenge with special guests MINOR BLUES. That is going to be fun and will run until about 4. After that is Angela Perley & The Howlin Moons until 5:45 when The Dew Droppers jump on stage. At 7:30 its MojoFlo and to be honest I'm really not sure what is planned after that. I can tell that many of the downtown merchants will be participating in this event by offering all sorts of great specials and treats. Oh and did I mention in addition to the main stage there will be smaller stages set up throughout downtown with activities, demonstrations and more. Well now you know. Just another reason to head up. More info is available at their event page on Facebook.
Check it out. See you there.....

Going backwards in our time machine for just a bit to Friday, Sounds Like Fun Productions and GILBERT'S Music is presenting yet another all ages, no booze, no drugs and no drama show at the W Robb Ave location of GILBERT'S Music. New Heart and Days of Struggle are your headliners with several local bands warming things up. Doors open at 6:30/ Rock starts at 7...its only $7 ATD and $5 with a flyer. .If you rock.... this is how You roll...

I realize it may seem like its a long way away but with August upon us, September won't be too far behind so think of this as a future public service heads up. Greater Allen County Blues Society fires up another season of music jams starting September 28. The jams will once again be held at the K of C on S Cable Road. Its an early gig so there is no excuse for not starts at 5 pm for crying out loud... And of course every month there is a different host band which adds to the coolness factor. Here is a quick run down on a few of the "Host Bands" that are already scheduled starting with Sept 28 with Mama Spaz & Them Kids. The next five months will have Jackpot in October, Gunz in November, Minor Blues ( yes how cool is that) in December, Polly Mae will start off the new year and Buckeye Drive have February covered. That my friends is just a partial list for the season, but in my opinion that's a GREAT start. I can't wait. Don't worry I'll remind you as it gets closer.

That's it for now. Remember we can all support the local scene, just go to something somewhere .At least that's what I think. .

As always
If ya dig it do it
If ya really dig it
Do it twice
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