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That's What I Think 07-14-2016

Greetings again my friends from my feeling better everyday and I amreally psyched about the MLB All Star Game this week corner of the world. The weather cooperated all week for all the great stuff planned last week, you couldn't have asked for a better 3 days to properly enjoy the annual Country Concert, and anybody who had a patio really took advantage of the great weather and I've got a few places in mind to tell you about as well as a few things in the pipe line coming up. Let's get it going. ..

It was great to run into some old friends at the Main Street Irish Pub this past week. It was like the "old days" at Mulligans. Greg, Mike and Bart out "takin care of business" if you will. Hopefully we can do it again Soon! I stuck around long enough to learn the beer taps are fully operational and are keeping your favorite brew ice cold. Come up and try for yourself if you don't believe me. Try their new menu while you are there. Good stuff at a good price. While I'm on the subject congrats on the smooth grooving crowd this past week with Stedic and The Groove. More entertainment plans in the works. Stop up and meet Brian and make him spill the beans on what's next for the Main Street Pub..

Is was great to be back out and about this past week. One of my favorite stops was Mulligans Thursday night for open mic night with KAT. The lovely and talented Kat along with her newly minted fiance (sorry guys another good one gone) Geoff got things off to a great start with a few originals and the kick ass covers done with just a slight bend to the other direction. Just down right excellent stuff. Lots of really cool local talent graced the stage most of the night and a good time had by all. I KNOW there is nothing going on Thursday nights, TV is crap during the summer, so head downtown to Mulligans for open mic night on Thursday. And as long as the weather holds out, its held outside at one of the coolest place around to see live music. Trust me on this...

Listen if you like to laugh, the folks at Limaland Comedy has a full week planned for you. Starting off Wednesday the Folks at Milano Cafe Will be playing host to the first night of stand up in the area for the week. Then Thursday its a birthday party to celebrate the 97th birthday of Lima's own Phyllis Diller at Kems in the Holiday Inn on Roberts on the East end of town. Its Going to feature the Wisegals of Comedy and its FREE!!!!! Then on Saturday at Gilbert's is an open mic night for all the funny folks out there. The best will be recorded for the upcoming Limaland Comedy CD. It starts at 5 pm only $3 cover and I KNOW you ain't got nothin to do @ 5 pm on Saturday night. And even if you did will have plenty of time to do it. See You There...

So there you go. That's it for this time. Before I go just want to say how much of a blast it has been doing this column since I think 2006 and I hope you let me keep on keeping on for another ?????years. This Thursday we celebrate yet another birthday and after the past few weeks Im really looking forward to rocking with everyone for a long time to come. It makes me smile to see the enthusiasm and excitement surrounding the local entertainment scene and I can't wait to see what's up ahead. Remember we can all support the scene, just go to something somewhere. At least that's what I think.
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