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That's What I Think 07-01-2014

Greetings again my friends from my, I can't wait to tell you what kind of week I've had, corner of the world. Hope everyone has had a great summer season so far. We have earned it. So quick synopsis of my week. Went to ER thinking I had some kind of flu. After a quick exam I am run down the hall with five nurses and a doctor wiring me up, poking holes in me, running with the opinion of a heart attack. A cat scan later revealed that wasn't the case so it must be blood clots. Heart cath next, through my wrist, where by the way I have small arteries so it took 11 tries. Passed no clots. So to wrap this all up, my heart was fluttering out of rhythm so they shocked it back (not near as dramatic as what you see on tv)and sent me home with enough prescriptions for the Brady Bunch (12 pills a day!) & here I am. Feeling much better. Thanks for all the well wishes. Folks at SRMC were awesome especially Kayla, Kelly, Scott and Akeem. This is going to take a little bit longer to recover than I thought but this diesel just needed a tune up and jump start and are looking forward to the summer. So enough of that, let's get to the good stuff.

So, since I didn't get a chance to get out anywhere this post week, this weeks offering is going to take on a slightly different tone. If you would be so kind as to indulge for a few minutes I would be grateful.

In case you haven't noticed, two local entities have been doing their best in the past several months to not only perpetuate the local music scene, give young upstart bands that no one has heard of a place to play and a place for people of all ages can attend a show free of drugs, drink and drama. GROAMYS & GILBERT'S MUSIC. GROAMY has been knee deep involved in the music scene for years. Selling tickets, putting up flyers, selling local talent cds or maybe just spreading the word about a show to anyone who walked in the store.

Jason Gilbert on the other hand has been a part of the local music scene from the side of as an entertainer and more recently the owner of GILBERT'S MUSIC. All that experience gives him a different perspective. GILBERT'S MUSIC has become the new hub of local music. Just last week there were not one but two live shows in the store. One a free matinee that anyone walking by could just stumble into and enjoy. The second was an early show (by show standards) that was open to all ages free of all the "stuff" in a bar environment. Can you imagine that ? A place where Mom can drop off the future Johnny Ramone, hand Him a few bucks for cover and not have to worry about anything and little Johnny gets to see up close and personal a kick ass rock show! Just how awesome is that?
And this is not a one time deal. This happens a few times a month.
Do you know how lucky we are? This is BIG CITY stuff kids and its right here in Lima.

GROAMY & The staff from GILBERT'S MUSIC work really hard to make these shows happen. Please support them. I understand there are even a few stand up comedy shows on the horizon. Find them on Facebook and check out all the upcoming events.

That's all I have. Remember we can all support the local entertainment scene. Just go to something somewhere. At least that's what I think.

As always
If ya dig it do it
if ya really dig it
Do it twice

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