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That's What I Think 06-23-2014

Greetings again my friends from my, I was feeling better all week then on Saturday whatever this is decided to come back for an encore, corner of the world. As much as I am fighting this I'm Going to have to admit defeat and visit a health care professional. I really have no excuse, clinic is two blocks Away. ...its just stubbornness. But that doesn't mean I don't have some very cool info I want to pass along to. Illnesses be damned. Let get on with the show.

Do you know what this area has been lacking? Really seriously lacking? A dance club. A real honest you goodness dance club. Well kids, your dreams have come true. Just across the street from the St Rita's medical buildings and right next to the formally "Q's" BarBQ is home to the hottest dance club in the area. What's it called you ask? Why "Somewhere" of course. To get your party started early, every Thursday its your first chance to get your dance on with Karaoke and dance tunes with DJ KOOK. Then every Saturday the state of the art sound system and BIG city light show gets cranked up with DJ BIZz. But wait, there's more. Every Sunday, weather permitting from 2pm- 6 pm in the courtyard is " Scrambled Jazz". Lots of cool jazz music, scrambled eggs, Bloody Mary's
and cold mimosas. So now that you know all that all you have to do is go. Remember. .."If You Want To Be Seen Don't Just Go Anywhere. ..Go Somewhere"...

I mentioned this this next place last time but I wanted to drop a little more info on about the Main Street Irish Pub. The Main Street Irish Pub is right across the street from the BIG courthouse, right next to that pretty new parking lot. Brian is the new guy in charge and has alot of good ideas to help make The Main Street Pub a go to place in downtown Lima. He has shifted the hours a bit. Closed on Sunday, open Monday at 5 & Tuesday thru Saturday he opens up the doors at 3. Brian has also opened up the kitchen with his own special take on some favorites and from what I have been told the best french fries in town! To help get you through your hump day, Brian is also bringing DJ KOOK Karaoke and Dance to help to get through "just two more days" of work. Do yourself a favor. Forget everything "YOU'VE HEARD" and check The Main Street Irish Pub for yourself.

That's all I've got.Next time we are going to remind you just lucky we are to have the folks we have that are backing and supporting the local music scene... Remember we can all support the local entertainment scene, just go to something somewhere. At least that's what I think.

As always
If ya dig it do it
If ya really dig it
Do it twice

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