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That's What I Think 06-02-2014

Greetings again from my, still not complaining that its 80 degrees in May already and I know its going to be 100 by August, corner of the world. For those of you who still insist on complaining that "THERE'S NOTHING TO DO HERE....WHY DOESN'T LIMA DO SOMETHING? I'M BORED"... Well quit your whining. There is so much going on in the area, you don't really even have to look hard.. Trust me on this. As a matter of fact here are a couple of really cool things you can go check out and help out a good cause.

First thing I want to bring to your attention is a very special fund raiser this Friday June 7th at Harry's Hideaway on North Cable Road for the Northwest Ohio Rescue and Recovery Agency that is located in downtown Lima. The Ohio Rescue and Recovery Agency serves to end sexual trafficking by enhancing public education, survivor recovery and justice responsibility. Human trafficking is a much bigger issue in our little corner of the world than we can even imagine. And since this hard working agency struggles like many of the smaller groups who help so many,it needs financial help. That is where you come in. Blackbird Promotions and Old Skool Entertainment is presenting "OLD SKOOL RESCUE ME". This is just a down right, get down, dance all night party with the beats and grooves laid out by KISS 93.9 FM own DJ Old Skool. Doors open at 9 and the party is gonna go until 1 and this is going to be OFF THE CHAIN!!! Only $9 for those 18-20 and $8 for those over 21.......Oh and did I mention, you can bid to win the shirt off of Old Skool's back..come one know you wanna....

Then on Sunday after you get up and get some coffee and bacon in ya, head over to Cridersville to the Village Cafe for the Hop-n-Giggles 50th Birthday Bash. Dave Johnson from 106.3 The Fox and his lovely other half Julie have decided to share their birthday party with the rest of us and pay it forward. Proceeds from this party will be split between Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen, St Rita's Hospice and Home Away From Home. How about that, Is that cool or what? There will be food, a dinner that includes a sandwich, choice of two sides and dessert for $7, lots of raffles, 50/50 drawings and of course music. Lots of music. Here is just a partial list: Dave Liles Band, Will Freed, Chris Michaels and Luke Rousch from Nashville Crush. JUST A PARTIAL LIST!! HOLY COW!!!! It all starts @ 1 and will run until 9(who knows maybe longer...). This is going to be a party you do not want to miss. I know I'm not....see you there...I can't wait!!!!!!!

On a different note, I must admit 20 years ago when I saw record albums packed up and shipped back to warehouses to be sent off into who knows where in order to make more room for CD's I honestly thought the days of buying anything new on record(vinyl as its known now by all the cool people), that wasn't imported from some country across the ocean and forking over lunch money for the month for the pleasure of hearing something new on my turntable, had gone the way of my favorite cheap Italian restaurant.....replaced and gone forever. Man was I glad I was wrong(at least about records). Records(vinyl) are back and have been back for awhile and are slowly becoming "THE" way to buy and listen to music and nobody within at least 50 miles carries as much of that 12" petroleum based disc of musical pleasure than GROAMYS on W Robb Ave. He shares the building with GILBERTS Music so it makes it the perfect one two punch for all music lovers and musicians alike. If you have not been there, you need to. If its been awhile, you need to go back...If you were just there, I bet he has something new since you were last there. If you are music lover you owe it to yourself to me...GROAMY He's Only Here To Help...

That's it for now. Remember we can all support the local entertainment community, just go to something somewhere. At least that's what I think..

As always
If ya dig it do it
If ya really dig it
Do it twice
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