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That's What I Think 05-19-2014

Greetings again my friends from my atmospheric confused state as a result of the equally confusing weather conditions. Trust me I am not complaining but its a good thing my windows are easy to raise and lower as many times as I've opened and closed them. It's all good though. The forecast looks excellent for this week so as they say. ..."LET'S GET IT ON! "

First of all, if I ever want to throw a birthday party for a 15 year old I know who to call. What a great bash this past Saturday at GILBERT'S Music to celebrate Steve's 15th birthday. Of course you had cake and presents. Ox course You had killer pizza from Happy's Pizza. Of course there were lots of friends and family. But that was were this celebration ceased being an ordinary party. First of all you had The Radio Pilots, sounding absolutely the best I have ever heard them on the GILBERT'S Music stage. Followed by one of the areas best new musical combos Them Kids filling the W Robb Ave building with great melodies and a Pink Floyd tune that won them a large round of applause. Then at 5 pm, billed as a Future Ruin tribute band (with the original rocking nucleus and some special guests mixed in) Sloth Love Chunk fired up and I'm pretty sure rocked the roof of the building and shook the one next door. It was an utter musical chaos sundae topped with thumping rhythm section, kickass guitar licks and one of the best front men in the local scene in years was the cherry on top. If you missed it, it was your loss..... Now comes the big question. Whatta gonna do next year????

After a Saturday like that Sunday is bound to be a let down right? WRONG Kemo Sabe... Sunday brought the final music jam of the season put on by the Greater Allen County Blues Society at Lima's K of C Hall. The host band of the night was a rockin country group from the St Mary's area, HAYWIRE. The energy they displayed on stage was added to by every one who stepped to play and sing Sunday night. It was a little bittersweet for the MINOR BLUES group since they had to say goodbye to one of their members as they prepare to continue their education. One of the coolest things about the music jams is variety of folks playing and singing together who normally wouldn't and it always produces great music but I must say the cosmos must have been properly aligned because there were some award winning performances that just blew everyone away. Next one is in September. Same place. Same time. As we get more info, you get more info...

Looking for something maybe just a little "warmer" in the music department? This Friday May 23 Stedic & The Groove will be bringing their groovin sounds to The Firehouse on N Main, just a few blocks from downtown Lima. Come on down after the Rally and jam along. .

Hey listen, if you haven't been up to the Alibi recently you've missed a bunch. First of all they have opened up a kitchen. Personally I haven't eaten any of the fine food that is coming from the W North Street locale but I have seen pictures and it looks great and from the testimonies I'm getting from people who"like to eat" I have no doubts its great. And of course along with food, much like a cruise director they have a full calender of fun for every day of the week. Come on you know you want to go. Everybody needs an Alibi...

That my friends is a wrap. Remember we can all support the local entertainment scene just go to something somewhere.

As always
If ya dig it do it
If ya really dig it
Do it twice
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