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That's What I Think 05-05-2014

Greetings again my friends from my, I know they "said" it's spring and the calendar reads spring but it sure doesn't feel like it, corner of the world. Mind you not complaining but a little confused as to why its still 45 degrees in May. Anyway, it was another packed weekend as far as the local entertainment community was concerned( we are going to get spoiled) and it looks like May is going to continue the trend. I've been kinda long winded the past few weeks, so this week will be a more abridged edition.

Once again, Jason and company at GILBERT'S Music are outdoing themselves with not one but two events this week at the area's home for all things musical on W Robb Ave. Starting with Wednesday with with Lets Get All Crazy Together! Its an all day show starting at 2:30 and running until about 7:30. Sunset Junkies, Will Freed, Jackpot and Addii have all been confirmed but you KNOW this is going to turn into an all star show. Throw in the fact its Kat's 30th birthday, this is going to something special. Then on Friday its the All Changes Apply EP release party. Show starts at 7, only $5 at the door and joint All Changes Apply will be Life Within and Life Escapes Me. WOW!! This kids is what promoting the local music is all about. Basically putting your money where your mouth per se. Good job folks...

I know its a little ways away but I wanted to remind you of the final blues jam of the season, brought to you by the fine folks of the Greater Allen County Blues Society and Knights of Columbus. Its Sunday May 18th at the S Cable locale. As always cold drinks, great food( I myself am scoring one of those pizzas), amazing music by Minor Blues, Minor Pop and some of the best players in the area. And its not just blues. Its good music baby and you should be there. Starts at 5, get there early get $1 off door charge ..I'll remind you again next week. Promise....

I had a chance to catch "Someone's Kids" this past Saturday at Mulligans and to be honest, the vibe supplied by the music was awesome. Songs you know the words to. Sing along with. Great Beatles like harmonies and a group of guys just having fun on stage. Check em out when you get a chance. This Saturday at the High Street party place, "Time Flies" will be taking the stage. Lots of parking and a great atmosphere to just "kick it"....

As promised a little shorter this week. Next week no promises. Remember we can all support the local entertainment scene just go to something somewhere. At least that's what I think..

As always
If ya dig it do it
If ya really dig it
Do if twice

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