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That's What I Think 04-21-2014

Greetings again my friends from my, I didn't think it was possible for one grown adult to consume THAT much candy in one day, corner of the world. By my estimations, I should be able to stay awake until about Tuesday(today is Sunday) based on the amount of sugar and caffeine I have plowed down my throat. Sad really. I so enjoy a good pillow now and then. Add that to the huge level of excitement over all the cool stuff that happened this past Saturday and what is coming up, it may be Thursday before I get myself calmed down. What say we get started and maybe, just maybe I can work some of this off....

If you missed Record Store Day 2014 in Lima, then you missed one of the best days the area's music community has seen and experienced in years. It was a day long celebration of not only everything music, everything that can played on a stereo but just a great day to enjoy, well, EVERYTHING FUN! It was like a carnival, a concert, a birthday party all landed for just one day at 1206 W Robb Ave. Before I go any further, HUGE THANK YOU to everyone from GILBERT'S Music who helped, all of the vendors, the musicians and of course, the one and only GROAMY....who without him, Lima would have no Record Store Day celebration. I wasn't able to stay the entire day(at least a 9 hour party)but I was there long enough to catch some really cool music from a brand new band and a smokin talent from out of town. "Public Confusion" consists of Ben Phipps, Jon Lieurance, Lila Mansfield and Mike Wassink and they rock. Just new to the scene, heck still in High School, but if they continue down the road they are traveling, they have a future in the music community. Welcome to the world of Rock n Roll kids. It's going to be fun watching them just get better. If you get a chance to catch them, do. I'm hoping it again real soon. Hannah Aldridge was the guest from out of town. Muscle Shoals to be exact. A tall stunning blonde who speaks soft and sweet off stage but channels this inner tiger with similar features of a young Melissa Etheridge musically that just kicks your butt on stage. Hannah paints just amazing musically portraits with her lyrics, you get lost in her journey and the best bet is to let her be your guide. Find her on Facebook. Follow her on Twitter. She has a new album due out. Ask her come back. You won't be sorry.
I only had a chance to catch about 2/3 of the Radio Pilots set, but as normal they were high energy, had the swelling crowd grooving and even had a mini mosh pit. That's what I'm talking about. I've been told Record Store Day 2015 planning is already under way. If this year's is any indication, HOLY RECORD GROOVE BATMAN, next year is going to be WOW!

If you haven't gotten your tickets yet for the 2014 Delphos Zombie Prom hosted by the Delphos Zombie Walk then you need to. It's all happening this Saturday, April 26 at the Smokin Chrome Saloon. Tickets are still available for $10, trust me they will be more at the door(providing there are more) so do yourself a favor and save some cash. There are a few rules though for this bash. You must be 21 and over, you must dress in prom attire and you must be wearing zombie makeup. This is going to be a night not only you but Delphos may remember for years to come. Be a part of it. The $ raised will be used for the 2014 Delphos Zombie Walk.

Normally Sunday is the day to just chill but this Sunday is an exception. Two really cool things are happening that we all need to enjoy. And its really cheap. Which is even better. First one is "What The Folk" at the Encore Theatre, just across the street from the Red Cross building. Its an afternoon celebration of music about peace, love and all that stuff. Music by Guthrie, Dylan, Seeger and more will be performed. Its going to be a 90 minute musical treat for your ears and soul. At the end of the show, they will pass the hat and all monies will go to Our Daily Bread soup kitchen. That all starts at 3....

Then when that show is over, just buzz down through the lovely Faurot Park, take the right at the "Y" by Domino's Pizza and just drive into the parking lot of the Kinghts of Columbus for the Greater Allen County Blues Society monthly blues jam. This month's house band is Kevin Ashba & Friends. And much like the old days of "friends" just showing up to play with their friends, you never know who could show up. So you owe it to yourself to go. It starts at 5, if you get there before 5, you get $1 off and a chance to win some GACBS swag. Minor Blues will be there and a whole bunch of local music great that you never get a chance to see all in one place. And the food is GOOD..Drinks are cheap and cold. And you are supporting the local music community. TWICE IN ONE DAY!!!!! I'll see you there...

That should do for this time around. Lots to do this weekend so please go out and take advantage of it. A lot of folks work really hard to put these events together so we "have something to do", so don't discourage them by not showing up. Remember, we can all support the local entertainment community, just go to something somewhere. At least that's what I think..

As always
If ya dig it do it
If ya really dig it
Do it twice

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