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That's What I Think 04-07-2014

Greetings again from my, just watched Wrestlemania, MLB is on the radio and I refuse to wear my winter coat anymore so its spring as far as I am concerned, corner of the world. I must say I never thought I would be so excited just to see pavement, but thanks to the season we are just coming out of, I am loving looking out my window and being awakened by the sight of concrete and car stereos blaring. Who knew right? Guess you really don't know what you've got till its gone.

Another steller weekend of cool events and happenings in our local entertainment community and I believe its just the tip of the iceberg. Our friends at Mulligan's, in downtown Lima, 134 W High Street is taking their pledge to keep downtown rocking and has a full calender of entertainment planned this week. It all starts Thursday with open mic night with the one and only Kat Brennan. The cool thing about open mic night is you never really know who may show up, so you really can't afford to miss one. Then coming up on Friday, April 11th, Dave Liles will be kicking out the jams on the Mulligan's stage to get us all ready for the weekend. Now for everybody else that would be a full slate right? Nope, not the folks at Mulligans. They continue the party on Saturday with Blacklight DNA. That's right 3 solid nights of great local entertainment. You owe it to yourself to hit at least one night.

You know as they say some people just talk the talk, but won't walk the walk, that is not the case with Gilbert's Music. Coming up this Friday starting at 7, its another intimate night of Rock n Roll with Automagik. The very talented Radio Pilots and Whisper The Truth have the job of getting everyone all wound up and ready to rock(don't think it will be too hard honestly). Its an all ages, no drugs, no booze, no BS show. And its only $3! $3! Come on, even you can afford that. I bet you've got that much in the seat of your car, just move the taco bell receipts, I bet you'll find it. It's gonna be, well, epic. Just in case you don't know where Gilbert's Music is or are one of "THOSE" people who live and die by their GPS, the address is 1206 W Robb Lima Ohio. No excuses now.

Pepper and crew at The Avalon are bringing in a hot band from down south. Spartanburg, South Carolina to be exact this Saturday and they could very well be one of the most diverse bands that have hit the stage at The Avalon. St. Maurice is their name and they are going to tear up Lima's Town Square. They are well, pardon my retro vocabulary, groovy. You need to check them out. Show starts at 10 pm. Take a nap before you come up cause you are going to want to be "charged up" for this.

In case you haven't been paying attention to the calender, this Sunday is the annual Pasta Dinner, hosted by the folks at CIAO at the Civic Center. It runs from 12-6 and if you have never been, you are missing out. The food is amazing, even though there are lines, they move you very quickly, and there is even a drive up so you can stop after church, grab dinner for the family and enjoy it on your couch if you like. You know I like food, and trust me, this is good stuff.....

I just have a few things to hit on before exiting stage left. If you haven't noticed, WIMT, the country music flame thrower known as T-102 welcomed a new morning show host to town. Actually back to town. Known for years on 92 Zoo, as the afternoon "guy" JB, has returned after spending the past nine years living on the beach and is now gettin up early as part of the JB & Renee Morning Show on T. Welcome him back and assure him, it really does get warmer, eventually.
And the person formally known as "Playboy J" on WLJM, 940 Jamz and Jay Thomas,on STAR 92.1, Froggy 93 and the executive producer of Bruiser TV, is now the morning host and program director of Country Q 95 in Adrian Michigan. Good luck to both. The more things change,right?

That's it for now. Remember we can all support the local entertainment community, just go to something somewhere. At least that's what I think.

And as always
If ya dig it do it
If ya realy dig it
Do it twice
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