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That's What I Think 02-18-2014

Greetings again my friends from my, I'm so excited its going to be 40 this week I could kiss a meteorologist( female...just to be clear), corner of the world. Possible 50 degrees later in the week but I'm satisfied with baby steps. Hey when it's colder in Ohio than it is in Alaska, small weather victories are worth celebrating! Now that I've got that out of my system, lets move on to non weather related conversation.....shall we?

One good thing has come out of all the crappy weather( other than the sudden JUMP in the population about fall), we get TWO blues jams this month. That's right kids this Sunday, Feb 23rd is another Greater Allen County Blues Jam at the Knights of Columbus, just behind Happy Dayz on Cable Road. They have great food specials( pizza smells and looks amazing), all of your favorite adults beverages ice cold and its only a few bucks at the door for a 4 hour, yes 4 hour show. Its start plenty early at 5 so even if you have to get up early you are still home in plenty of time. And if for no other reason, you must come to hear Minor Blues. These young folks are amazing. See you there!!

The day before you have not one but two chances to get your rock on and one is FREE!!! Free you say? Yep. Saturday starting at 2 its another matinee musical showcase at the music lovers haven in this area, the home of one of the best "double shots" you are ever going to find, GROAMYS and GILBERT'S Music on Robb Ave. The opening act is tbd at this minute but I can tell you at 3 The Radio Pilots will be on stage and at 4 its a chance to catch Automagik, before their big show Saturday night at The Avalon with the first appearance of Them Kids. Best part is the matinee show is free, open to the public of ALL AGES! So do your best to support this cool thing, stop by for a bit and bring some friends. You wont be sorry...

Here is an idea. How about after you check out the free show at GROAMYS and GILBERT'S you head over to the Alibi on W North for the Derail Cancer Benefit for Coach Gary Golden. Coach Gary coached many a Lima Packers team and is Head Coach & co-founder of The Lima Steam. We all know its not cheap being sick these days so that's why we should all do what we can to help our fellow citizens. Its only $3 at the door and that includes food and entertainment. Runs from noon-7. Head on up ..its a good cause ...and it'll make ya smile...

Before we wrap up for this week I wanted to just touch on an issue so humor me for a minute. OK. Last week I encouraged you to go see some great local talent at a venue unbeknownst to me was on shaky ground and has since closed its doors. Unfortunately I was not totally aware of the "situation" until after my publishing deadline had passed. I'm not getting into any details but I apologize to anyone who may have made plans to attend said show and the venue was closed. Please don't let this one incident curtail or discourage any support you may give to the local scene. Remember we can all support the local scene, just go to something somewhere. At least that's what I think.

As always
If ya dig it do it
If ya really dig it
Do it twice

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