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That's What I Think 01-20-2014

Greetings again my friends from my,Spring is only two months away and I'm ready, corner of the world. For those of you who are keeping track, we seemed to be gaining about 5 minutes of daylight every week, so that should help make the winter days a little more tolerable. I know it does for me. Despite the cold weather still lots going on so lets get to some of it shall we.

Before we get to what IS going on, I wanted to make sure everybody was aware there will not be an open mic night this Thursday at Mulligans. Don't worry the weekly musical showcase hosted by the lovely Kat Brennan has not been discontinued, far from it. Its vacation time for Chris and Jody, so everybody gets a vacation. Don't worry, it all goes back to "normal" next week. Please accept apologies for those going through "Kat Kravings".

Its time once again for the music smorgasbord for all blues lovers. Greater Allen County Blues Society presents another open jam this Sunday, Jan 26th. This months host band is Will Freed Band. Wait there's more! Lima's Premier All Youth Band MINOR BLUES will also be sharing the stage. And a different locale to accommodate all, Lima Knights of Columbus, right behind LCC. Yes its open to the public. First chord hits at 5:00. You don't want to say Monday, "I shoulda gone". After all, no playoffs, right? See ya there.

Coming up Friday night in beautiful downtown Lima, live at The Avalon is Acoustic Americana Country Folk artist Jordan Morgan Lansdowne. You wanted "Big City Something Different", here it is. This is a very cool thing and as is typical for Pepper and Co, a little daring. Pack the house and show your support. For you GPS junkies, 36 Town Square Lima Ohio. The Avalon....

A few things before we wrap up this trout. Coming up Valentine's Day, Saturday February 14th, Harry's Hideaway along with the folks from Blackbird Promotions are putting together something "completely different" for that Saturday. Hints are: Plugged in comedians and unplugged music. More details next time.
AND one of the most popular and successful local bands have ended their "retirement" and have retooled, recharged and will be returning to the stage very soon. As soon as I have all the details I will let you know. Promise.

That's it for now kids. Stay warm. Remember we can all support the local scene just go to something somewhere. At least that's what I think.

As always
If ya dig it do it
If ya really dig it
Do it twice

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