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That's no bull

Waldo is actually Wanda
Waldo is actually Wanda

Wednesday night, Waldo the bull was caught.

I know some of you may be a little upset considering Waldo has become something of a pop-culture hero evading capture for the last five months. But here is a really huge surprise. Waldo is no bull!

Thought to be an immature bull, Waldo is actually an immature cow.

It was reported early in the week, that Waldo, or should we now say Wanda, has been living amongst a local deer herd that would warn her when people were close by. This relationship kept the cow from getting captured over the past few months.

However, a team of animal specialists constructed a special pen in the area Waldo was known to be. Wednesday night they assembled near Welches Point Road in Milford and waited. Soon the first few deer appeared acting as sentinels. It wasn’t too much longer for the other deer and Waldo to show up.

When Waldo was inside the special pen, she was sedated and transported to her new home; a large farm here in Connecticut. The promise made by animal control officer Rick George is being upheld. Waldo will not be killed! She will remain on the farm for the rest of her life enjoying the acres upon acres of land in the company of other cows. Her fifteen minutes of fame is over, for now.

To read more about this story, visit the New Haven Register's website.


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