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That's my story and I'm sticking to it

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Read Matthew 10:21-42

Jesus will turn this upside down world right-side-up one day.

Before that happens, upside down is going to have a heyday. Families will be torn apart over whether to follow Jesus or hold on to their comfort zone.

People will hate you because you follow Jesus. They will hate you.

We might think it crazy that people say they are offended if we want to pray within 100 feet of them or in a school or at a football game or even before eating our happy meals at McDonalds.

Just wait! That so called feeling of being offended by prayer or our thanksgiving or our worship will one day turn to hate.

We will be hated.

But one thing will not be upside down. We will continue to grow in grace. We will continue to be made in the image of Christ Jesus.

When we see the insanity all around us, we won’t question God as if we know better and could have done better.

We will ask God to finish the work that he began in us.

And we keep on fulfilling our commission. If we get run out of one town we will just move on to the other. Our peace will not come from the idea that nothing will ever disrupt our homelife.

On the contrary, we may get run out of our own home town. But even that is better than having Satan as the head of your household.

Tough times are coming. Yes, tougher than we know now or have ever known, but we must maintain hope for God knows every detail of our lives. He keeps up with the sparrows and the hair on our heads.

What does that mean?

No detail of our lives is unimportant to God. The only fear we should have is a healthy fear of God. He is the only one who may destroy us and he loves us.

But he expects us to be faithful to him and not to fear. We are God’s people, the sheep of his pasture, and we need to own up to that publically.

We are called to profess Jesus before others. Yes, that includes before those who will hate us.

Jesus is my Lord and Savior.

I follow him.

He is my master.

Those words must never be withheld from our lips from fear or any other excuse.

These words may one day make people hate you all the more, but all things considered; I would rather have the whole world hate me and Jesus claim me as his own than the whole world love me and Jesus say, “I don’t know you.”

Professing Jesus as Lord will bring division in the world. It doesn’t have to, but it will.

If every knee bowed and every tongue confessed that Jesus is Lord imagine the glory that would bring to God. It will happen one day, but for this time, the world is divided into those who profess Jesus as Lord and everyone else.

What do we do?

We continue to profess Jesus as Lord and Savior to the world. We show love for all, but we have a special love and care for those who speak God’s word.

We have extra compassion for those who follow Jesus, especially the young and innocent.

We desire to help those who have professed Jesus and who have been cast out of the mainstream and are considered the least in the kingdom of the world.

When we help these people we should have eyes to see Jesus when we bring a cup of cold water or a Chewy Tuesdays lunch.

This world will get worse before it gets better. The very name of Jesus will cause division among people everywhere, even within families.

The world will call upon you to denounce Jesus or at least mitigate your passion by saying that he was just a prophet or just a teacher.

Don’t do it.

Don’t deny him. Do not water down you faith. Stand firm in what you have professed.

Better to be hated by men than forgotten by God.

Jesus is Lord and he is my Savior. Hate me all you want, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!