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That's a dog in the birdcage and Freedom Fences urgently needs help to free him

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There are eight beautiful young dogs crammed into several cages, and they have no room to move around and be dogs. Freedom Fences is working hard to get these dogs into a better place, and the first step is to get them some space to move around in.

Because only one of them is neutered, the males and females have to be separated.

Right now, Freedom Fences plans to put up two kennels for them as early as tomorrow if they can raise sufficient funds to pay for it. The kennels will cost $360 each so they need to raise $720. That will give the dogs some clean living space as an interim solution. They are working towards a long-term resolution for them.

The shelter is not an option; it is full, and they would most likely be euthanized.

If you can help Freedom Fences with a donation towards a kennel for these pups, they would greatly appreciate it. Freedom Fences has 501c3 status with the IRS and all contributions are tax-deductible.

To donate, please go to or you can also send donations through Paypal to