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That P.T. PS4 demo you downloaded? It's the new Silent Hill

Hideo Kojima and Sony are so sly. During Sony's Gamescom 2014 Press Conference, an interactive demo was released called P.T. and it showed a bunch of random people's scared reactions. The game was available for download immediately so this author went and snagged it during the conference. The game throws you right into a room with some of the most realistic environments a game has ever seen. The environment, however, is an ongoing hallway, but the lighting and the textures are done so well, it made you wish Resident Evil or Silent Hill could be this. Well, one of those ended up being true.

Later revealed to be Silent Hills

Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro Gomez are teaming up for the new Silent Hills, which also will star Norman Reedus (Walking Dead). This is an amazing way to promote a game. Introduced as a game by Studio 7780, that will surely have some meaning to the game. The actual name P.T. means Playable Teaser. While there is not a lot to this demo, it more than gets the job done, and it is incredibly beautiful. Even the initial trailer looks like a video of someone walking through a corridor with a flashlight. It seems Kojima has gone to the opposite end of the new generation, meaning, instead of some massive world, he has taken the smallest of areas and perfected it.

There is a trailer showing Norman Reedus outside, and judging by the visuals from the interactive playthrough, there is a good chance these are in-game graphics. If you are a fan of the Walking Dead, this should get you excited. If the game is able to continue the type of atmosphere that was offered during the interactive demo, this has a chance to be one of the better Silent Hill games as survival horror looks to make a comeback. Stay tuned for more information involving Silent Hills. Check out the trailer on this page and download the interactive demo if you haven't yet.

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