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That Exercise Program

You have learned how to set up your computer security. You now how to do proper housekeeping of your computer to keep it running in tip top shape. You have learned proper organization of the information on your computer. You now know how to restore pictures, go to school, look for jobs and the list goes on and on. Now we are going to use this wonder tool of the modern age to exercise. I am not going to give specific details since this type of advice should come from your Dr. before you start a new exercise routine but you are going to learn how to go about organizing exercise routine. I am going to concentrate on bicycling but these same types of procedures will greatly help you in any exercise routine weather it is biking, running, walking or any other exercise program.

First off head over to YouTube and put into the search bar bicycle weight loss. You will see all kinds of ideas on how to lose weight with your hobby. You watched these and gotten some good idea, checked with your Dr. and now it is time to narrow down my area of interest. You have tried several of the ideas you have watched on YouTube and you have built up some stamina so you can travel longer and you have decided that you would like to commute. Commuting to work may not be practical for you but the store, library, and the mall will be just the ticket to get your exercise and do not forget about taking the kids to the park. The kids will love commuting with you to the park via their bikes.

Of course you can most likely use the bike from your youth if it has at least 26” wheels if you get it all tuned up at the bike shop but it sure would be nice to have a nice new bike. You do not have to spend $2.000 on your new bike. You can buy a used bike from say the thrift store, the want ads, or even your neighbor (Buy the bike helmet new as they are designed to last one good crash before needing replacement). I would just check out if there are frame breaks and similar defects. Even if you have to buy new wheels, cranks or handle bars (Bar tape hiding the break) that would be much cheaper then buying a new bike. I rode a bike from a big box store for more then a decade before I wrecked it. In fact I drove a 10 speed from Wallmart for almost 4 decades. You will not be using this bike for races but for fun and exercise. If you do buy this new or used bike from a dedicated bike store you will always find someone willing to help you and make suggestions on how to properly use your new toy.

Another good source of information is some of the people who are out for a ride. Who are using the same route you are one. I would not try to talk to someone who may be all dressed up for a race of some sort unless the start talking to you first. As you get into this hobby you will find people who spend all they can to make you think they are pro biker riders. I was listening to a YouTuber comment how bike riding has become a sport of equipment not a sport of fun and exercise. You should be able to easily find out the type of bike you should get both from YouTube as well as your local bike shop. The person on the street is not necessarily the way to find out this since they will just tell you to get what they have and you have no intention of jumping 10 foot drops on a mountain somewhere or trying to win the bike road race or the I spent more then the other guy race.

I would recommend getting a $20.00 basic bike computer such as the Velo 7 which will show such things as mileage, speed and so on. Yes you can spend hundreds on these thing but this will just be a waste of money and not add much to your weight loss program.

Do not forget that you should keep a daily diary of every ride. You can do this on your computer, smartphone or even in a spiro notebook. Not only is it good to keep a record of your progress it is a good way to help keep yourself motivated by remembering all you have seen on that trip into the country.

Although this is not a concern with running or walking you have to be very concerned about bike security. On my bike I carry 2 D locks and a square link chain that is hard for bolt cutters to get a purchase on. The wheels are locked to the bike frame as well as a secure bike rack with the D locks. This is because it is very easy to steal wheels that have quick release levers on them. Replace the quick release on the seat post with a security type Allen screw. Over the years I have seen plenty of wheels chained to bike racks but the bike was missing. I have seen plenty of bikes at the mall missing their seats. The square link chain is for when the D locks just can not fit around the bike rack. The chain will fit just about anywhere (Still lock the wheels to the frame). You will not be able to cut these types of locks with large wire cutters as is easily done with cable locks. I have been told that this is just too much weight to carry around but for my 5 pounds I will not likely have to walk 20 miles home and buy a new bike. Any bike can be stolen. I just do not want to make it an easy thing to steal. Before I forget make sure the computer or other accessories on your bike are quick release and you always take them with you. I recommend watching Hal Ruzal on bike locking on YouTube for the proper bike locking procedure.

It doe not matter if you are taking up Biking, Walking, or Mountain climbing for exercise you can now use your computer to help you improve your outcome. Till next time.

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