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That enormous video game auction has met its reserve price with four days to go

Michael Thommason in front of some of his items, with certificate.
Michael Thommason in front of some of his items, with certificate.
Michael Thommason, Game Gavel.

When the auction page hit Game Gavel, the event became news instantly, as word quickly spread throughout mainstream gaming outlets about this massive collection of 11,000+ video games that was gradually gathering bids. Many were quick to note, however, that the reserve price had not been met; that is, the minimum bid that someone could claim the lot for.

And what a lot it is: Over a quarter of it is still factory-sealed, many consoles are represented with complete North American release sets, and it even includes the Guinness World Records certificate, from back in 2011 when it was certified as the largest such collection of items in the world.

With four days left on the auction clock, an eye-popping milestone has been reached. Not only has the reserve now been met, but the current bid at press time stands at a whopping $750,250. Then again, its value had been estimated at being between $700,000 and $800,000, so perhaps this should come as no surprise. Nonetheless, that figure is an amount of money that most people are not accustomed to dealing with, and the auction will surely continue to draw more attention for it -- especially if a successful exchange happens in the end.


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