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That Awkward Moment and Relationships

This past January Zac Efron came out with a comedy That Awkward Moment in which three guys in their mid 20's deal with flings, relationships and wonder "Where are we?"

In an interview discussing the movie Efron states that "It is great to be in love and everyone wants to be with that special someone." The other cast members discuss that there is no guidebook when it comes to relationships. You just date someone and see where it goes.

Relationships change with each generation. Years ago couples who were together worked through everything. Today there is a lot of social media and people chose to go online to find love. There are some people however who still believe in meeting someone face to face.

If you have not seen it yet rent That Awkward Moment. It is available on demand, Redbox and wherever you can get movies. It is a great date movie and it can even be a fun movie to watch with your girls. The age demographic is between the ages of 20-30. Girls could love it because it has romance and they can relate to it as well as guys. If you wonder "Where am I?" in a relationship, want advice and need some laughs, then this is the movie for you.

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