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Thanos threatens the Marvel Cinematic Universe in an SDCC montage

According to Cinema Blend on Friday, a release of a montage entailing the Marvel Cinematic Universe from phase one to phase two had been released online. Mark Ruffalo, who plays the Hulk, also posted an announcement on his Twitter feed of said montage for all fans who weren't attendees to the 2014 San Diego Comic Con.

Actors Josh Brolin (L) and Robert Downey Jr. onstage at Marvel's Hall H Panel for 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron' during Comic-Con International 2014 at San Diego Convention Center at on July 26, 2014 in San Diego, California.
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

A quite sizable mix of said universe spanned all the way from the first Marvel film of 2008's "Iron Man", up until now's James Gunn's "Guardians of the Galaxy." Interestingly enough when they started the beginning of the edited ensemble, one could hear Nick Fury state to Tony Stark, "You're part of a bigger universe, you just don't know it yet." Thus, the scenes continued to flash forward through each film in order towards the transitional piece that introduced all the Earth bound hero's to those in existence off world. Josh Brolin then ends the ensemble with his character portrayal as the Mad Titan Thanos.

"I'll bathe the star ways in your blood."

The Mad Titan himself then gives his trademark evil grin as the camera zooms outward as he floats upon his throne. Some may think that this is a greatly put together montage that would indeed motivate most movie goers to get tickets to see "Guardians of the Galaxy" to witness what the lover of Mistress Death is all about and what his motivations as the man behind the man behind the curtain indeed entails.

Marvel is seemingly open to let go what other production companies seem to be holding back when it comes to leaks of footage. At this point, it does seem this kind of marketing strategy would help aid when surmising Marvel's phase one and two plans. Fans can also only guess what's in store for the "Guardians of the Galaxy" sequel should Thanos ever come into play. But first, feel free to see Gunn's film in theaters today.

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