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Thanksgiving with the Goddess (no matter what)

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Hey, happy Thanksgiving!

But first, the Sun is in honest-at-all-costs Sagittarius so full disclosure, ok?

I'm one who loves almost ANY excuse for a party but I have to admit, I never quite got the hang of this one. So I offer this to any of you who feel a little out of step yourself so you won't feel... alone.

First, the idea that one day a year is for gratitude. Even as a kid this made no sense to me. I mean, gratitude is for every day, right? Giving is for every day. Or at least that's really my own strong intention. So it just seems odd to me...

But wait!

I guess I need to be grateful for a holiday that yearly befuddles and confuses me. Ok, how about, "Change me Divine Beloved into One who can feel at peace today and embrace what is, knowing that your Love and grace fill me where I go.'

Ok, now I feel better!

Oh but wait. Then there's this OTHER thing. I can't help it, I go through this every year. Yes, the historical origins of today. Those millions of Native Americans were not exactly treated with respect, love and gratitude. Even to this very day. Oh, I know, I know, perhaps I shouldn't be bringing that up right now, but every year it haunts me. And it does help to explain while I can rock almost any other holiday, this one just doesn't get me going.

The one year I felt I was honoring Thanksgiving the way it fully deserved was at an exquisite sunrise celebration the Native Americans do on Alcatraz Island each year. If you relate to what I'm writing here and if you're in the Bay Area I strongly recommend it.

And in the meantime, I send love and blessings to all Native Americans, wherever they be. Deeply from my heart.

Anyway, I surrender. Why not roll with it all for today? I mean, you can never have too much gratitude or another excuse to feel it.

In the end, It's always about the Devi for me. I've given Her my life, and I thank Her for all...the easy and the trying both. And even times when I feel a little like a bemused and quizzical alien :))

I do thank You for being You, whoever You are reading this right now.

May blessings of every kind, expected and unexpected, hidden and miraculous, rain upon you all day like showers of rose petals.

Thank You for being here.

Jai Jai Devi Ma.

With profound gratitude to the Mother of the Universe for All!