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Thanksgiving turkey deals in Louisville

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Doing a quick comparison of the major local groceries, most of the turkeys are comparable in price.


  • Kroger $.67 a pound with a $20 additional purchase or $.79 a pound regular.
  • Valumarket $.67 a pound with a $10 additional purchase.
  • Walmart Supercenters $.40 a pound (with the purchase of the Thanksgiving Dinner for 8)
  • Pic Pac $.69 with additional $20 purchase or $.79 regular.
  • Melton Food Marts $.99 a pound and up.
  • Sams, Costco and Save a Lot didn't have turkey data available on their websites.

Did you know that you can upload coupons to your actual Kroger card? There are four different sites here that you can use so you don’t have to cut and try to stay organized with all the paper coupons.

You can also print coupons from Courier Journal.

Valumarket and Sam’s Club have online shopping available. Order online and pickup at the store or have it delivered.

Remember to buy your turkey early enough for adequate thawing.  Happy Thanksgiving!