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Thanksgiving - The letter T

Thanksgiving is almost here. As the countdown to Turkey Day presses on take steps to remember the meaning of the holiday.

T is for Thankful. The meaning of Thanksgiving starts with being thankful, giving thanks, having a thankful heart.

Ads for Christmas are already bombarding televisions, radios and mailboxes. Kids are working on their Christmas wishlists already. Start the kids' wishlists with a thankful-list. There are 12 letters in Thanksgiving. Most kids should be able to think of 12 things they are thankful for. Here are some (but by no means all) ideas to get you rolling (or "biscuiting" if that's your preference).

  1. Thankful for family. Mom, Dad, sisters, brothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, new babies born to the family this year, etc. If your child says family that is great! Stretch them a bit further to name a few people in their family.
  2. Thankful for friends. Any new friends this year? Can you remember how long you've been friends with your best friend? Again, stretch those obvious answers to pull at a heart string or two.
  3. Thankful for health. Be thankful to be able to breathe in and out. To be able to run and jump. Remember those in your family that might have dealt with a health issue and won or are still battling. Be thankful to have them in your lives.
  4. Thankful for our house. Parents should definitely keep this on their list. Kids should realize how wonderful it is to have a home and to remember to help love it and take care of it.
  5. Thankful for school. Kids around the world even including America would love to have the school they go to even if it's not the best or always runs out of pepperoni pizza.
  6. Thankful for teachers. If parents feel taken advantage of, teachers have it worse. Remind your kids that their teacher cares for them and is there to help them grow and succeed through reading, writing, and sometimes correction. Their job is very hard to take care of a classroom full of kids.
  7. Thankful for work. Children will grow up one day and have a job of some sort and they should understand the importance of work (in or out of the home) to bring structure to the family. Parents in today's economy should be thankful for their jobs.
  8. Thankful for our soldiers. We have soldiers in war right now as well as soldiers here at home and on military bases around the world working to keep peace and stability to this world. Our soldier's families are often separated. Not only do they risk their lives but their hearts break every day by being away.
  9. Thankful for police and our government. In countries without these things there is much chaos. Our police and government help keep the order and we should give them our thanks.
  10. Thankful for our pets. Pets are another part of the family for most children.
  11. Thankful for our stuff. Is it selfish to be thankful for our flat screen TV, iPod, bike, and new Converse shoes? Maybe it does focus too much on self and not enough on the big picture. They might decide to be thankful for the mp3 player because it is definitely better than just listening to the radio. Being thankful for our stuff gives a little perspective.
  12. Thankful for laughter and love. Feel free to go out of the box of physical people and things. A good belly-laugh can chase away the blues better than a hot fudge brownie or a 32GB iPad.

Don't wait until you are around the Thanksgiving dinner table to think about what you are thankful for this year.

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