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Thanksgiving Survival

Roasted turkey in apricot-chili glaze
Roasted turkey in apricot-chili glaze
AP Photo/Larry Crowe

Thanksgiving. It’s the ultimate food fest holiday. The average Thanksgiving meal contains about 3000 calories. It would literally take you about 30 miles to walk that off.

You also may have heard that turkey contains a natural sedative called Tryptophan, and that’s why you may feel sleepy after eating it. Actually, the grogginess you are experiencing is more often a result of  having to digest all that food you are over-consuming!

Thanksgiving is no doubt a difficult situation to handle when you are trying not to gain weight, especially when your host liberally uses every form of saturated fat ingredient available. Weight gain does not have to be a given and with a little focus you can survive this holiday.

First of all, Thanksgiving is day to enjoy your family and friends, and be grateful for all you have.

Remember, it is a day… you do not have to over-indulge the whole week. Allow yourself to enjoy the holiday for that one meal, however you do not have to gorge yourself silly on all the calorie-laden foods.

Focus with the mindset on maintaining the weight you are right now and eat the meal sensibly. Trying to follow a strict diet may leave you feeling deprived and eventually you will want to overeat or binge. Celebrate a lack of weight gain rather than stressing out over not staying on a diet because it’s Thanksgiving. Resume your healthy eating habits the very next day.