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Thanksgiving staging for curb appeal

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Thanksgiving staging for curb appeal is really pretty simple. Save a few pumpkins from the carving knife, add some colorful mums and fall foliage and you’ve got Thanksgiving décor that will give buyers a warm welcome.

If your home is on the market in November, remember to keep outdoor decorating simple and elegant. It’s crucial to create an ambience that will connect with potential buyers and equally crucial not to overdo the hay bales and scarecrows.

Thanksgiving curb appeal tips.

  1. Pumpkins and gourds in every size and color can be put on the steps, or into containers for a dramatic effect.
  2. Add bittersweet,cattails, and seedpods to a simple grapevine wreath to create a beautiful front door decoration.
  3. Use seasonal color in pots beside the front door.
  4. Don’t be afraid to be eclectic. Weave hydrangeas, magnolia leaves and pomegranates into a wreath.
  5. Tuck pheasant and peacock leaves into your bittersweet for use as a door garland.
  6. Plant seasonal color in the bottom of tall potted evergreens for a splash of color.
  7. Let the kids gather fall leaves and pinecones and pile them in a basket by the front door.
  8. Use a pumpkin as an outdoor planter, hollow out and fill with fall flowers.
  9. Hay bales can rot in warm climates and attract bugs. Put them in the yard, not near the front door.
  10. Cornstalks generally look messy if not staked properly.

Remember less is always more, especially when you’re marketing your home.
Seasonal decorations can actually add warmth and curb appeal if they are not overdone. Showcase the house, not the decorations!

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  • Marilee Vergati 5 years ago

    Karen, I love your article. The photos are wonderful and inspiring. Info is great too!

  • Karen O. 5 years ago

    Great tips and photos Karen - especially love the visuals!