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Thanksgiving Recovery 2011 - Step 1: Attend Gold's Gym's "Trim the Fat Friday"

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  • FACT: The average American consumes approximately 3000 calories and 229 grams of fat on Thanksgiving Day.
  • FACT: There is a way to eat healthy on Thanksgiving, wake up on Friday bloat and hangover-free, and save yourself from a carb-induced coma.
  • FACT: If you don’t already eat healthy, tomorrow just won’t be the day you start.
  • FACT: Friday is a new day, a day not just to start eating healthy, but to start working out as well.

Gold’s Gym has not only acknowledged these facts, but they're helping you do something about it. This Friday, November 25th, 2011, Gold’s Gym is offering Americans the opportunity to take a step in the right direction by opening their doors all across the nation at participating gyms and allowing individuals to visit the gym free of charge—no strings attached. While at the gym, you will be able to test out the specially designed workouts that Gold’s has put together as a means helping you not only work off those calories from the day before, but to take a step in the right direction—away from inactivity and gluttony, and towards a healthy weight and active lifestyle.

Gold’s Gym and have teamed up once again to provide you with 6 workouts designed by celebrity trainers that target every body part affected by your Thanksgiving meal, from your shoulders to your backside. They include the “Turkey Workout” which targets the chest and shoulders, the “Mashed Potatoes Workout” which keeps your backside from looking like mashed potatoes, targeting the glutes and upper legs, the “Cranberry Jelly Workout” which helps you lose your abdominal jelly by working your abs, the “Stuffing Workout” which helps tone your lower back and keep away extra “stuffing”, the “Green Bean Casserole Workout” which tones your arms through an intense workout, and the “Slice of Pumpkin Pie Workout” which is a total body workout that helps you get cut like a piece of pie.

Let’s be honest. Most people will fall into the “average American” category and consume over 3000 calories this Thanksgiving. In that regard, being “average” has never been more unattractive or destructive to your body. However, you don’t have to stay average. Get up on Friday and head out to Gold’s Gym and take part in “Trim the fat Friday”; the tools are all there—all you need to do is garner up the motivation to get up and go.

To download these 6 workouts and to find a participating Gold’s Gym in Dallas where you can try out the workouts, visit For video demonstrations of the workouts, visit