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Thanksgiving is a community event

It's good to share good
It's good to share good
Kim Lanman

When Thanksgiving rolls around, it becomes a time to gather. Yes there are individual blessings and thanks to be given. But those things are brought to the table to be shared. Life can be thought of as so separate, so individual that opportunities to belong and share and sense responsibility for each other become highly important for each person and for the culture. Of course, the down side is how hard it is to be alone, or miss the festivities. But even that sadness is centered in a worthy value. That value? It’s better to have people to care about and better to be with them. Thanksgiving is a great chance to express the value of people in the process of giving thanks. One expression is in the giving of food in the form of Thanksgiving baskets to those who wouldn’t have much of a meal for celebration without it. No matter what is good and right to share or not, surely food ought to be available in a land of as much abundance as is present in the United States. One company in Fort Collins, Center Partners, challenged each department to gather food so that employees in need could be given food for Thanksgiving. There are various organizations raising awareness of how much we can help by giving to the Larimer County food bank this season. Churches all over town are in touch with the needs of people and providing ways for their congregations to give to the needy. Thanksgiving is a community event. A key expression of the event is in the activity, conversation and dinner together. The hubub of a house in preparation is just part of the experience. The catching up and sharing of stories provides the atmosphere for hearts full of gratitude. And, of course, what better celebration is there than the flavors and smells and colors and tastes of food. It’s not the same alone. Even if is someone is missing, There will be calls and excitement over whatever is going on in the life of the distant for the day. Hearts aren’t distant when they miss one another. The psalmist repeats a phrase so the significance is not missed, “Give thanks to the Lord for he is good, his love endures forever.” Since every good and perfect gift comes down from the father of lights, people will forever have thanks to give to God. God is good. We have much to enjoy and be thankful for. The expression is not only better with others, but it also forms a kind of togetherness like nothing else. Give thanks to the Lord for he is good. His love endures forever.