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Thanksgiving fitness tip

Grilled turkey
Grilled turkey
AP Photo/Larry Crowe

It is pretty tough to out-train a poor diet. The average Thanksgiving meal contains about 3000 calories. It would literally take you about 30 miles to walk that off.

Still, even the most elite athletes have “cheat meals”. It is a common practice in the fitness world used to reward a specific period of time where adherence to both exercise and nutrition had been consistently followed.

As far as nutrition is concerned, that is about a 90% compliance.

The two benefits to this are it allows someone to de-stress and indulge their craving and learn to handle it in a responsible way (not eating the whole carton of ice cream, just one serving) and it is motivational because it sets a goal with a reward at the end.

Now, how does all this figure in for you for Thanksgiving?

Use the coming days until Thanksgiving to really focus on how many times you are going to exercise, to what degree of intensity are you gong to workout, and what are you going to eat or not eat.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving meal responsibly, and on Friday, resume your healthy lifestyle. By the way, you can do this for any holiday or event coming up that will present a challenge for you.

Create a greater calorie deficit that day. Many cities have Thanksgiving 5K’s or similar events like Dallas’ Turkey Trot if you are traveling to another city. Even if you are not a runner you can walk these races.

At the very least, it’s a great day to hit the gym (or the night before if your gym is closed that day) and do a little extra cardio or strength training. Better yet, increase your amount of training for that whole week.


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