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Thanksgiving fishing potpourri

Here's an article that is filled with a patchwork of information, humor and whatever happens as my fingers hit the keys.

First, I'd like to thank all of you for being loyal fans of me and my material. 'Tis the season to be thankful, even though the stores are shoving Christmas buying down our throats instead of featuring things to be thankful for. I do not listen to Christmas music until a couple of weeks after Thanksgiving. I go by the holidays and what they mean and not what money means to those who only want more, more, more.

I guess my cancer makes me think a bit more rational on what is really important in life.

Second: Yes, fishing is important in my life. I got seriously into fishing decades ago when I gave up the party life. This lead to me spinning off from my technical writing job and into freelance writing. I wrote general interest fiction and science fiction. I also started writing fishing articles. Soon, I would keep as many as 88 manuscripts on the market. After getting my hard knocks, I went from a few sales to numerous sales per month. I began selling Wisconsin and Illinois outdoors related material. In short order, I found I had sold to over 100 different publications, and I held various positions as a freelance writer/editor. For variety, I wrote outdoor related Haiku poems for the late Above the Bridge magazine, in Upper Michigan, and I created find-a-word puzzles for the Washington Observer newspaper, the newspaper of Washington Island, WI. For the defunct Wisconsin Waters & Woods magazine, I was the southeast Wisconsin field editor. Consequently, I've been writing about southeast Wisconsin angling for about 3-1/2 decades.

How can I both freelance and hold positions?

This means I wrote regularly and still submitted as a freelancer. My material didn't go on what is called s "slushpile." I went onto a pile that was most likely going to be published. Doors became open for me in numerous magazines and newspapers. Today, the Internet is added to the list of open doors. I return the thanks by doing a lot for non-profit organizations in the fishing and writing arenas.


For you crossword puzzle fans, here are a couple of words to remember:

River Island: Ait &

River Nymph: Nais

Websites for Anglers:

Fly fishing equipment:

Fishing tips and facts by species:


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