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Thanksgiving Feast aftermath, ways to recover from this high calorie day.

Turkey and stuffing
Lance Becvar

Well the first major high calorie holiday feast is now over and I am sure most of you, the readers are concerned with what to do next. The writer is referring to those delicious extra calories that were just consumed, an estimated 5,000 calories. Now most people only need about 2,400 calories per day for nutritional needs, so certainly there is concern over weight gain. But fear not, there are ways to lessen the potential damage you may have done to your diet. Notice that the writer stated potential damage, that because most of the time, people can occasionally indulge in high calorie meals; just do not make a habit of it. However there are some simple things you the reader can do to recover from this high calorie day.

A simple thing most of us can do is go for a long walk or a light jog in your neighborhood, try doing this for the next couple of days. The writer has mentioned this before, often times in our daily busy lives we fail to see the beauty of Mother Nature, there is always something new to see. Also you open your world to meeting new people; you would be surprised at how many people like to go for walks in their neighborhood. Another positive thing you can to is to try and drink more liquids, in particular water. Most Thanksgiving feasts are loaded with sodium and increasing your water intake can help dissipate all that ingested salt please view the health link below. Get more sleep, your body needs time process all those calories and studies have shown that people that get more rest Finally aside from the leftover turkey, get rid of those high calorie desserts such as cakes, cookies and pies as soon as possible to avoid temptation. You do not want to inadvertently start a habit of eating those high calorie foods. Remember, if you have worked hard to establish some healthy habits, don’t let one day derailed your goals to stay fit. For more information please contact the writer through

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