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Thanksgiving cactus or Schlumbergera truncate

Thanksgiving Cactus
Thanksgiving Cactus

Thanksgiving cactus has long been a favorite plant for the holidays. The Thanksgiving cactus only blooms once during the season, the rest of the year it stores up energy for next year’s burst of blooms. This plant needs very little water or fertilizer and is happy to live out of doors until the temperature gets below 50 degrees. If you live in a warm climate this plant can stay outdoors all year long.

The flowers of the Thanksgiving cactus vary in color from white, to a deep cream almost yellow to a wonderful red and a pink. The blooms hang down from the ends of the cactus leaf and look like angelic beings trying to fly away.

The leaf of the Thanksgiving cactus has points on each section which distinguish it from the Christmas cactus. The leaf of a Christmas cactus has smooth edges and is a cross between two species. It carries the name ‘S. ×buckleyi’. The Christmas cactus leaf drapes downward and the flower hangs down where the Thanksgiving leaf grows in an upward fashion and the flower grows horizontally.