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Thanks to some foolish allies terrorism is exploding

One would be stunned to find out where the financing is coming from to fund ISIS.
One would be stunned to find out where the financing is coming from to fund ISIS.

Some extremely unwise decisions helped to generated conflicts as World War 1 and World War 2 and the world was drawn in to combat the evil consequences of poor decisions. Statesman Richard Chamberlain was convinced that peace was assured by caving in to the demands of Adolph Hitler and giving in to what that madman wanted.

It did not turn out very well.

Radical extremism is running rampant in our time as groups as Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah, Seleka, Muslim Brotherhood, and now ISIS have consolidated a variety of hate issues that are religious based to generate support and the building fighting forces. In case nobody has noticed each group has gotten progressively violent and bloodthirsty.

The birth of ISIS has a medieval approach towards its perceived enemies. Genghis Khan would be proud of the ruthlessness displayed by ISIS forces that are raping, pillaging, and murdering those unfortunate to be in their path. Christians, Muslims, or whomever are being butchered. Beheadings and crucifixions are not out of the question. The lucky ones are merely being shot to death.

The consolidation and growth of ISIS has been shocking as thousands of people including a reported 100 Americans have been flocking to the group. The group Al-Qaeda that labeled ISIS “too violent” is having its fighters leave to join ISIS. Regional parts of Iraq and Syria are under the control of these monsters. The world should be prepared for shocking news coming from ISIS controlled territory.

Muslim eschatology predicts a world-wide conflict that will usher in the Islamic Mahdi, or their version of a messiah, who will come to power as a dominant force that will solidify Muslim factions into an end time army. Ultimately Israel and America are enemies that are predicted to be defeated.

The lack of understanding by the western culture is helping to fuel this effort. One just cannot domesticate a religion that has an ultimate goal of establishing absolute supremacy by force.

The four options are converting, paying tribute, going into slavery, or being beheaded. These are exactly the traits being demonstrated by the more “radical” factions of Islam which includes ISIS.

Foolish allies are helping to finance the explosion of these extremist groups. According to some superb investigative reporting by New York Times reporter Rukmini Callimachi, there are European countries that have been paying ransom since 2008 to free its citizens. Over $125 million dollars in ransom has been paid to Al-Qaeda or affiliates.

Countries as Spain, France, Switzerland and Austria paid out just last year over $66 million dollars which has given Al-Qaeda support for its operations. It has also encouraged the kidnappings of other groups of citizens from other countries.

Yes, once again these foolish countries have helped create a mess that now needs to be cleaned up by everyone else. These same countries now whine about the current problem of kidnapping and negotiating with terrorists.

What happened to American James Foley is a consequence of the ongoing folly of these European countries. ISIS demanded an enormous $130 million dollar ransom for the release of Foley, encouraged by the stupidity of countries thinking they can buy their security. All thees countries are doing is complying to an Islamic standard of giving tribute for “security”.

Spain folded when Al-Qaeda blew up Spain’s commuter trains and then complied with the terror group’s demands. It still did not stop their citizens from being kidnapped and once again Spain caved in to paying ransom.

Neutral Switzerland has not much to be proud of either with their confidentiality in banking and paying ransom. Many unsavory groups and individuals enjoy the benefits of being unknown.,7340,L-3529312,00.html

France learned little from it experiences of World War 1 and World War 2 about negotiating with murderers. It has not stopped its citizens from being captured.

The dangers of negotiating with terrorists are being manifested into today’s carnage. One just cannot continue to savor the sickening sweetness of your own life at the expense of the mayhem you helped to create with finances given to these murderous criminals.

You are either for us or against us as President George Bush said.

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