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Thanks to compassionate trooper, injured dog was saved and will have a new home

Dog hit by truck recovering thanks to Pennsylvania Trooper Pat Russo
Facebook: Gremlin's Page

UPDATED JANUARY 23, 2014 A YouCaring link has now been set up to help with vet expenses. All donations will be paid to Creature Comforts Animal Hospital in Saylorsburg.

This is a story that had the makings of a tragedy, but instead had turned into a tale of love and hope, Facebook reported January 18.

The tale began when Pennsylvania State Trooper Pat Russo was on patrol last week and witnessed a dog being hit by a dump truck. A pit bull, now known as Tank, was seriously injured in the accident. Thanks to the fast actions of Pat, Tank is now on his way to a new life.

Trooper Pat raced over to the injured dog and gently placed him in his patrol vehicle. He turned on his emergency lights and sirens and rushed Tank to the vet for an assessment. Tank has now undergone a few operations necessary to save his life.

The dump truck driver was so upset that he followed Pat and Tank to the vet, and has agreed to cover any costs necessary to save Tank's life. Not only that, but the truck driver has also offered to adopt Tank, should his family not come forward to claim him.

Tank will be at the vet until he's deemed healthy enough to go to his new home.

Unfortunately, dump truck driver's don't make a lot of money, and a donation page is in the works to help offset the cost to treat Tank. Hopefully I'll be able to add that link to this article within the next few days.

Trooper Pat is well known for his love of dogs. He's known as "dad" to Super Stormy the Pibble Mix on Facebook, which is a page set up to combat dog fighting and BSL.

Great job, Pat. Your quick actions saved the life of this poor injured dog, who will soon have a new home where he's loved and cherished. You're a tribute to your profession.

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