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Thanks Obama: 3.5 million Americans get 'crazy checks'

Approvals for various forms of Social Security disability benefits have skyrocketed under the Obama Regime. We now have 10,088,739 Americans receiving monthly Social Security disability benefits, including the 3,576,844 or 35.5 percent of those who are on disability for a mental illness, or those said by the slang term to be receiving a “crazy check.”

3.5 million on disability for mental illness

The CNS News story on the issue summarizes the ten million receiving disability benefits as follows, “As of December 2012, according to the report, there were 10,088,739 disabled beneficiaries receiving federal disability insurance benefits. These included 8,826,591 disabled workers; 1,006,676 disabled adult children; and 255,472 disabled widows and widowers.”

In 1995, there were 5,044,388 on the program. That means the number on Social Security disability benefits has about doubled since 1995. Most of this growth in the program has taken place under the Obama Regime. Those claiming a “mental disorder” are the largest group among those 10 million, or about 35.5 percent of them.

“Within the “mental disorders diagnostic group,” the most common specific diagnosis for disabled beneficiaries was a “mood disorder.” According to the report, as of December 2012, 14.1 percent of all disabled beneficiaries in the United States had such a disorder,” CNS News reports.

In ten states, including Massachusetts where 50.1 percent of all those on disability are on the program for a form of mental illness, at least 40 percent of those on the program are said to have a disabling mental illness.

The Social Security Administration defines those disabled as, “Individuals are considered to be disabled only if their physical or mental impairment(s) are of such severity that they are not only unable to do their previous work but cannot--because of their age, education, or work experience--engage in any other kind of substantial gainful activity (SGA) that exists in the national economy.”

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