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Bonding with mom
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Mother's Day came and went. Another yearly event we should not miss in honor of all Moms. Well, how does this have anything to do with the health and wellness of a senior citizen? More than one can imagine at our age.

You see, if it weren't for our Moms we all would not be here, still. But that's a given, tongue in cheek response. A true reply would be one that included memories of soft words spoken with wisdom to an angst driven teen, or the holiday meals prepared so lovingly while the family still slumbered in bed, and the loving eyes and warm hugs when visiting her with grandkids and even great grandkids.

Moms were made to love. They're made of love, and if there's anything that we seniors should be sharing more of, it's that type of love that our mother's provided us with. Only now, we are charged with sharing it with our spouses, our children, our friends and people we work with and meet daily at the market, the stores and restaurants that we patronize.

Our well being is woven from the love that we received from Moms. It's nourishment for our souls. And when shared with those around us, it energizes and uplifts our entire makeup. It's how we are today that we owe to our mothers' care and guidance they provided us from infancy to adulthood.

All relationships are not ideal, all the time. And, some are even along the lines of a,' Mommy Dearest' drama film, but for the majority of us, our Moms were the greatest. Thus it becomes even more of a required rite of passage in our lives to be in balance, in harmony with our relationship with her.

We should be creating better memories for our Moms to have of us as grown, senior adults during their twilight years. It helps us become better people, even at our age, when we call or visit our Moms regularly. Let them know we appreciate all that they've done for us, and how we have grown with the realization of how much they have shaped our lives.

The true response after all, is that when we come to understand the love our moms had for us, we realize it's the same love that we now have for our children, grandchildren, friends and acquaintances. And it colors our lives in appreciation and demonstation of that same emotion. Mothers are eternal.

Don't forget to tell her you love her.

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