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Thankful for twins and multiples

A Thanksgiving with twins is twice as nice.
A Thanksgiving with twins is twice as nice.

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, here are five reasons to be thankful for twins or multiples:

  • If you''re presently expecting twins or multiples, you can enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner guilt free.  Better yet, only the bravest of souls will dare to fight you for that much coveted turkey leg.

  • A twin or multiple pregnancy may be more challenging, but it really is a two, three or even four-for-one special. 

  • Twins or multiples share a special bond and always keep one another entertained; that especially comes in handy during winter break when you need a moment to yourself.

  • Nothing exemplifies "the more, the merrier" than celebrating the holidays with twins or multiples.
  • Raising twins or multiples means twice, triple or quadruple the hugs and kisses.

Whether he or she is a singleton, twin or multiple, any child is something to be thankful for. Let your child or children know how much they mean to you every day, not just during the holidays.

Is there a reason you're thankful for twins or multiples that was left out?

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