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Thank you,
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On April 15, 2010, Dr. Marc Boisvert, of 2021 K Street, completed his professional and expert examination of the surgeries performed to repair a torn rotator cuff and torn hernia suffered by the present writer while serving as a Dean of Students in the District of Columbia Public Schools.

After meeting with and consulting Chancellor Michelle Rhee on April 22, 2009, the decision was made to retire from the physically demanding Dean of Students post. Dr. Boisvert's April 15, 2010, release to return to work called for a position that required mental rather than physical strain. Rhee gave good advice and was a source of encouragement.

The offer from Krista Cousins to become an online newspaper reporter and writer for was perfect. Chancellor Rhee was informed of the decision to return to newspaper writing 30 years after The Columbia Record went bankrupt and shutdown on April 1, 1988.

The circulation for South Carolina's oldest afternoon newspaper was 30, 000. The newspaper died after nearly 100 years of serving the people of Columbia, South Carolina. The staff of nearly 50 newspaper reporters, staff writers, copy writers, editors, and managers no longer could work for The Columbia Record. The recent graduate applied for the position as a newspaper reporter for The Columbia Record in December of 1979 after completing his journalism degree coursework at Northeastern Oklahoma State University where he served as a newspaper reporter for The Northeastern newspaper.

After completing his journalism internship on an assignment that took him to Washington, D.C. with a newspaper writer and editor for The Tulsa World,. he began his work as a newspaper reporter with The Columbia Record on June 9, 1980. Working for an online newspaper 30 years after becoming a daily metropolitan newspaperman for the largest newspaper corporation in South Carolina has been a labor of love.

Working for the largest newspaper corporation in South Carolina was a great and rewarding experience. Joining veteran newspapermen and professional journalists like Robert Hitt III, Tom McLean, Cliff Leblanc, Marilyn Thompson, Carl Babb, Fred Monk, and Bill Starr, were all great team players and co-workers. Each gave the present writer a fantastic introduction into the world of journalism.

The decision to resign from The Columbia Record to return to graduate school to earn the Master's Degree on May 11, 1984, was a wise decision since The Columbia Record went out of existence three years later on April 1, 1988. April 9, 2014, marked the fourth year anniversary as an online newspaper writer, reporter, and photographer as the DC Customer Service Examiner and the 34th year since becoming a newspaperman with CNI.

A 30 year successful teaching career that included receiving the University President's Award in 1987, 1988, and 1989 for Outstanding Service and Contributions and being named a Professor of the Year in 1998 and the Distinguished Faculty Member of the Year in 2000 made it possible to raise a family while many print newspapers, including The Columbia Record, across American went bankrupt due to declining readership.

The 30, 000 readers of the newspaper articles by the present writer as a newspaperman for The Columbia Record were small compared to the 120, 000 readers who have read his articles on Online journalism is the future. has grown from infancy four years ago into the largest online newspaper in the nation.

For a child who dreamt of becoming a newspaper reporter watching Clark Kent work as a mild mannered newspaper reporter for The Daily Planet, the dream of being a mild mannered newspaper reporter remained with this journalist from 1959 until applying to become a newspaper reporter with The Columbia Record in 1979.

Dreher High School, the best high school in South Carolina, fostered that growth and development by offering a course in newspaper writing and editing and provided the experience of being a newspaper reporter and editor while working on the school newspaper, The Blue Print. Dreher taught a course in newspaper reporting that is just as relevant today as it was in 1972. Newspaper reporters still serve society and inform their neighbors.

Northeastern Oklahoma State University continued to foster the dream with its journalism program and the experience of working as a newspaper reporter for the university newspaper, The Northeastern. Journalism is not dead or dying. Online newspapers are another way of bringing newspaper content to readers. The journalism degree is as important today as when Woodard and Bernstein reported on a crime story known as the Watergate break-in. Journalists still have a job to do. The IRS Scandal news story had to be reported because targeting Americans for their political beliefs was wrong. The story is not over yet. will be there at the end.

Any student who is thinking about a career in newspaper journalism in 2014 needs to remember a lesson the present writer learned in 1972. Hold on to your dreams, as Stevie Wonder sings, like a father to his son. The number of career counselors and well meaning guidance counselors who looked at the 3.5 GPA and tried to convince the present writer to change his major from journalism to medicine or law is best remembered by Dr. Gary VanDenbos and the Minority Student Biomedical Support Program. His persistence to recruit the present writer was both enviable and memorable. But each attempt brought a polite but firm, "Thank you, but I am a newspaper journalism major."

The future of journalism will be forged by young people who have the resolve and determination to be journalists. has repeatedly stated that it is not a blog. It is an online newspaper. This fifth year with will offer great articles and new insights. The 100,000 plus readers of this page have kept the dream that started in 1959 alive and there is no end in sight.

Thousands of people turned to the present writer and shouted "Do your job," and that news story became number one in the nation, online, on cellphones and tablets. told a story that the hundreds of thousands of people felt was not being reported by the mainstream media. found a niche. responded to a need. The Ralph Waldo Emerson's admonishment to small business owners everywhere was heard loud and clear: Build a better mousetrap and customers will beat a path to your door. Thank you, for your service to the nation.. The passion that keeps every journalist writing is the key to the future of journalism. Write everything down. Keep writing.

In 2016 the present writer will publish his long awaited autobiography that tells the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The book is the story of his 60 years living in the greatest nation on earth. The book will include all of his articles published on's excellent website. To Relinquish Responsibility was started in October of 2000 before his son became ill in Bamako, Mali, West Africa. IJLJB was the first chartered private journalism and communications university program in Mali. The government was overthrown in a violent military coup on March 22, 2012. The present writer will not be returning to Mali as a result of the coup. The United States Department of State has issued a travel warning to all Americans regarding travel to Mali, West Africa.

Happy Anniversary, indeed. This journalist is looking forward to the next four years of great articles with Stay tuned.

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