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Thank you Al Gore ( Yes Climate Change )

Climate Change
Climate Change
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Small point. Of course science accurately predicted diminishing arctic ice floes with threatened polar bears clinging to smaller glaciers.

But using the term global warming prompts folks like Rush Limbaugh and the entire Republican Party to cock a doodle do every time it snows.

The fact is that the question is not if climate change is happening but how fast can we, this planet, remedy the horrific effects.

The latest UN report should terrify everyone. It states: time is running out to combat climate change. No debate. It is real and must be dealt NOW.

Back to Vice-President Gore. He spent his entire life disseminating information about this environmental crisis. And in return was laughed at and ridiculed.

Oh and had the Presidency stolen from him. Really? No? What would call winning the election and not being able to take office? Also, imagine if Al Gore’s sibling was Governor of the state with the shady election procedures?

Back to climate change or extreme weather.

Because such are the ramifications of mankind killing the planet.

Very hot weather causing droughts or a polar vortex turning Baltimore into New England is part of the problem.

It is clear why politicians, bought and sold, deny climate change.

And billionaires who inherited polluting companies have a financial interest in ignoring the destruction of the earth. (Koch Industries is the 10th worst polluter in the country.)

But why, why, are everyday folks, who have not developed gills and want to, what’s the word oh yes eat in the future, not fighting the ravages of climate change?

As for the religious types- we are destroying what God made. And climate change is not a flood ala Noah.


Thank you Al Gore.

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