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Thank goodness for shoveled sidewalks

I have lived in Wisconsin most of my life; and like many other people, tend to take things for granted. For example, Wisconsinites take for granted there is a great fish fry in town every Friday night, just as we take for granted that winter is going to be long, cold and snowy. Another thing Wisconsinites take for granted is sidewalks will be shoveled and cleared of snow and ice because it is the law that property owners follow.

I recently spent time in Greenville, Ohio and discovered that I have been spoiled in Wisconsin with the shoveled sidewalks. After being cooped up inside for nearly a week, I ventured out for a walk to a nearby business. Imagine my surprise to discover the snow covered sidewalks. The snow made walking treacherous and very difficult, resulting in my walk taking much longer than it should have.

I will not take things for granted so easily after this. Each time I walk on a shoveled sidewalk in Wisconsin I will silently thank the property owner, unless the owner is shoveling at the time, in which case I will thank them personally.

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