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Thank goodness for dog advocates

Thank goodness for good people willing to help helpless animals!
Thank goodness for good people willing to help helpless animals!

While there are many loving homes for dogs, there are still issues that we may never know exist until which time the dog of our world becomes the target of some evil human beings. What happens afterwards will be hard to tell as it will depend on the situation and who gets involved.

One such family that has been given a second chance at life with their pet is eternally grateful for the great advocates that stepped in to help their five-year-old Chihuahua mix, Beatrice. While the Milwaukee family loved their little dog, they were appalled by the fact that some bold, sick individual(s) would snatch their furry friend right out of the confines of their backyard and proceed to set her on fire and then dump her outside of a casino.

The family sat on pins and needles for 11 days hoping to get their little dog back in one piece. In fact, when she was discovered, she had burns over 90% of her body; even her whiskers and eyebrows had been singed. She had to have been in utter physical pain while her family had to be in utter emotional pain!

The veterinary bills quickly piled up to about $5,000 – even before her burns were completely addressed. Thankfully, however, there are dog advocates in this world that realize just how important a family member that a dog truly is. Two of those individuals made donations that would have cost this emotionally spent family another $4,000.

Veterinarian Marla Lichtenberger and surgeon John Weigelt donated not only a foot-long piece of pigskin to place as a graft over Beatrice’s burns, but their time and services as well. The two professionals stepped in to help because they, too, were moved by the horrific way that this little dog was treated – for no reason at all!

Just the fact that someone, anyone could hurt an animal just for kicks makes any normal human beings ill. Not only are human being supposed to be the higher species, but they are bigger, so the animal doesn’t really stand a fighting chance. Just like Dr. Lichtenberger stated in the Associated Press article updated today, "Everyone has this sense of love for something that just isn't fighting back and has no fight back and has no say because they can't talk, they can't get away, they can't do anything."

Anytime an animal lashes out, it seems to be the animal is a “bad” animal. Most likely it is the fact that the human being associated with the animal is the “bad” seed! That is why the two doctors stepped in. It was a bad person or persons that did this to a helpless animal that was doing nothing but being in its own backyard.

Although this skin graft looks to be the first of its kind, hopefully it will take, and Beatrice will physically recover. It may take even more for the emotional scars to heal though!

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