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Thank Chicago for the Pope's New Book

Loyola Press, a Chicago-based Catholic publisher, is printing the English language edition of the Pope's new book
Loyola Press, a Chicago-based Catholic publisher, is printing the English language edition of the Pope's new book

For any American looking to read an English-language version of the Pope's new book, they'll have to look to Chicago. That's because Loyola Press, a Chicago-based Catholic publisher, has added Pope Francis to its list of authors. The Pope's new book, titled “The Church of Mercy: My Vision for the Church” is not yet available in the United States. Loyola won the U.S. rights for the book, after an English language version was already translated by U.K. publisher Darton Longman Todd. The book will be out by this Easter, and it is the first book authored by the Pope since he was elected last March.

Loyola Press made an aggressive effort to get the book after reading excerpts from it. “We saw it as a message of hope and renewal, wholly consistent with our mission at Loyola Press." said Joe Durepos, executive editor/trade acquisition at Loyola. He added "Everything you’ve seen that has made headlines or soundbites or been attention-getting, it’s in this little book...we have stuff right up to December. It’s so new, it’s kind of nuts trying to tame all this." Loyola has announced that they will release the book to American audiences in print and e-book simultaneously.

Previously, Loyola had published the memoirs of the late Cardinal Joseph Bernandin of Chicago, with the 1996 release of “The Gift of Peace”. The book had been written as Cardinal Bernardin was dying of cancer, and became a best-seller in 1997. Loyola Press has also published numerous books about the Pope, including “Pope Francis: Why He Leads the Way He Leads” by Chris Lowney

As for their latest effort, Loyola has announced that readers can reserve copies of the Pope's book started on March 13 – the one-year anniversary of his election as Supreme Pontiff. Although based out of Chicago, Loyola Press distributes English-language materials for readers throughout all of North America. The U.S. English-language edition will be translated from the original Italian version of the book.

So, my fellow Chicago Catholics, when your friends and relatives from coast-to-coast want to take a look at what the Pope has written, you'll know where to tell them to turn. They can thank Chicago for the Pope's new book.