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Thanh Linh: Best Vietnamese in Peoria

The best place to eat in the Bradley University neighborhood. They've recently moved into the space of what used to be Sizzling India. It's a much larger space for this very popular dining spot. Service is brisk and no frills. Lunch buffet is available, but I prefer my food made to order.

When you go to a Vietnamese restaurant, you want the two staples to be reliable: the rice paper spring rolls and the deep dish pho. The spring rolls are made with loving care and expert technique. The shrimp, roast pork, herbs, salad, and rice noodles are rolled up tightly into something that resembled a thick sausage. The package is so tight that you don't end up having the contents spills out all over the place.

Pho experts will be pleased with the beef broth. The aroma of star anise greets you as soon as the bowl is placed in front of you. The salad plate that comes with the soup is a generous helping. Please do not waste the salad. Throw it all into the soup. Salty condiments like sriracha and oyster sauce are available on the table. But I prefer the homemade hot oil.

Soups come in 4 different sizes: kiddie size, small, regular, and extra large. The small size is plenty big for me. I'm thinking about asking if I could have the kiddie size next time, so I can save room for other delightful treats such as crispy eggrolls, dumplings, vietnamese veggie pancake, and lemmongrass shrimp.

Serving sizes of entrees are enormous. Eat half and take the other half home for another meal. Most entrees are just under $10.

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